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Like most people, I'm looking for some info from an expert. I used to collect traditionals and have recently turned to more modern knives. My collector half would like to keep everything, but my practical financial half (read: the wife) wants me to fund my recent acquisitions by selling off a few dust collectors.

SO, having purchased these a few years ago, one on the Bay and one from a collector on AAPK and needing to sell them, I realize I know NOTHING about them and I can't find anything online about either of them; not the type of steel, not the type of handle, nada. I think the Mountain Man is delrin and it says "stainless" on the blade, but that could mean anything. The KKCA handle "looks" like it could be jigged bone, but I could be wrong.

Lastly, I don't know if this forum has a thing about estimated values. If so, just don't comment. I know other forums do. But if it's not taboo, a general range would be nice since I can't find anything to compare them to.

Thanks for any info!

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Richard-Some info on your  Queen KKCA knife-Your knife is a 5 1/4 inch folding hunter made for the Kansas Knife Collectors Association located at POB 1125,Dept BG7, Wichita, Kansas 67201 or call Bill Davis at (316)-838-0540. Your knife was 1 of 100 made for them.I can't quite make out the serial # on the bolster, but yours appears to be either 006 or 008 of 100. It is indeed made of corn cob jigged bone.They sold for $42.50 when released and were valued at  $95 in 2009.The shield is the state of Kansas.The steel is probably 420 HC stainless steel. Contacting Mr. Davis or writing the KKCA will probably  provide further information and more current value.I would guestimate it myself in the $150-$200 range.

Wow! Thanks for the info. I had no idea they would increase in value like that since most only seem to decrease. The serial number is 003, so it's an early one. That's great news. I almost let it go recently for the $50 or so I paid for it.

Richard- On the Mountain man can you make out the model number on the blade etch? It probably reads either #1440 or #3L.  The Q78 does indeed mean it was made in 1978 and the handle material is dark brown bark Delrin. The blade is 440C.If you can either tell me or show me the model # with a pic of the blade etch I can probably tell you more. Without further info, current value is around $100.

As far as I can tell there isn't a model number on the etch, just Mountain Man Stainless; the reverse side is blank. Thanks again for the info! It's a nice knife, similar to a GEC 42. I just wish it was a different handle material. It looks a bit plasticky...

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