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Is knife weight a factor when you are buying a knife??? i can see it being a factor in a military or hiking were more poundage means more work... but personally i don't care that my ka-bar is heavy and bulky, but its bullet proof when i need it and it gets it done... if there's a significant trade off for the extra weight I'm probly willing to do so...

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I like my knives to have a little weight on them. Mostly because I like to feel some substance when I'm holding it. I don't want to feel like my knife is going to go flying away when I open it!

But then again, I only carry one or two knives at a time. Lee, my fiance, likes to carry like 5 or 6, so he likes his knives light!
no i have never saw a knife i really like and picked it up and said it is too heavy. but i wount edc a really heavy knife though. but out in the woods there is no knife i think is too heavy
I've never considered the weight an issue when buying knives. Although when I'm deciding on a knife to carry out of my drawer I usually go for a lighter one. Go figure.
if your knife is so heave its pulling ur pants down, that probly means its too heavy...lol
No weight is not a factor. This is my weekend EDC and that has changed recently I'm carrying a Emerson UTCOM CQC-11 now (5.1.oz.) as a primary knife...

I don't really think about the weight, after all, I carry a full-size 1911 so, what's a few more ounces lol
I prefer a medium to larger knife for EDC, but during the summer if I'm just hanging out in a t-shirt and shorts on a hot day, I will go with a smaller knife. If I'm out camping or doing light hiking, I like a big heavy duty folder.
im looking at the pocket bushman but cold steel cant figure figure out the lock so im holding off...
Weight is not an issue unless I am looking for a knife to fit a specific purpose. For EDC knives it really doesn't matter what that weight is but for hiking I want something as light as I can get without sacrificing performance.
I'm not to picky, the only thing is it can't be to heavy for my full loadout e.g. cell phone, multi-tool, keys, Wallet, notepad, pens and so forth.

I just want my EDC to be comfortable so if a knife weighs to much it better give me something that a lighter knife in my system can't!

As for hiking the same holds true, how much am I carrying and is it "good" or "bad" weight. In other words is the weight I'm carrying giving me more capabilities in the field to justify the extra weight.
Check out Nutnfancy's problems on youtube with that knife!

Check these links to his videos with the problems with the CS Pocket Bushman


when hiking i like to carry bolth ka-bars, my throwing knives and my sog flash II and a interchangeable hatchet, shovel, saw (il post pic.s of it soon)...

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