OK so maybe you don't want to carve a Jack O Lantern

Maybe you want to carve something else?

Maybe you just want the kids to carve something

So let's Carve something!!!

Everyone that enters get a chance to win the knife prize.  Have 3 kids?  Enter a photo of each of them with their carving and the knife they used.  One entry per person and the contest ends at Midnight Eastern time on October 31rst!

READY, SET CARVE!!!!!!!!!!

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Bryan Baltz said:

Went with a simple classic Jack O Lantern using my GEC Viper

I got internet back yesterday evening 1200 emails to make it through:(

I do believe that since we only had 3 entries we shall have 3 winners.  More on this later and each of you should know,your entries WILL be in the calendar. Scheduled to be complete tomorrow!!

WOOHOO!  Congratulations Andy & Bryan!!!!  And thank you, Jan!!!!

Would each of the 3 of you please send me your mailing address :)

You should each have your tracking numbers by now.  Dont forget to let us know what you got :)

Show us some pics guys when the new knives and stuff get there.  You know i need to start working on a 2022 Calendar soon :)

I'll hopefully post tomorrow, mines out for delivery and I won't see it until this evening sometime.  That is unless I suddenly feel "sick" and leave work early....LOL.   Always exciting when you know you've got some mail heading to you.  :)

All I can really say here is WOW!!   Jan, you outdid yourself.  She sent me the new Case Halloween Sod Buster Jr, which is an SFO from SMKW this year.  She knows I'm a Case nut so she sent me a few case anatomy cards to share with friends and a set of Case collector series cards from the 2017 Keep Your Hands Sharp Tour.  She also included an iKC pocket sized magnifier that will fit right into your wallet, this can be used to help zoom in on a hard to read tang stamp.  I can't say THANK YOU enough!


I am so glad you enjoyed opening the package ! That sod buster made such a great SFO I could not resist having it in our contest. Enjoy and thanks for being a part of iKC

AHHH!  So here it is, a long time coming -- & I apologize for the delay, November just seemed to come & go, & I really had no idea how busy we've been until now, looking back on the time.  And here we are, just week away from Christmas already!

But WOW was this a great little prize package!!  A Halloween edition Victorinox Classic SD, an iKC magnifier, an iKC lapel pin, a Queen Cutlery nail nick opener -- & a Kabar Zombie Acheron for my older son's design work...  Jan, you really made this a fun post-Halloween package!!!!!!  And the Thank You card was just so incredibly meaningful.  I had to work to get this all in one photo!!!!!  

Jan, this is a really wonderful community you've built -- I'm so glad to be a part of it!!!!

(Some might notice the 2021 iKC calendar behind the prizes -- it just happened to arrive close in time to the Halloween prizes, & helped me to organize it all for the photo -- & it spruced up an otherwise bland concrete background!)

Thanks again, Jan!  :)


Sometimes life gets in the way just a little and I know time can certainly get away from me :)

I am so glad you are enjoying the package :)

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