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I received this knife a couple weeks ago from one of JK's limited runs - 

He used to put his maker's mark on the bottom of the ricasso, and later moved it up further to the spine. He decided recently to make a run of his small Hiker's Backup and use his older "bottom K" style. 

I ordered mine with scales made from a material John calls Garolite - it is a black phenolic that is tough and I have specified it on a few other knives and had good experience with the material. 

I have used the little guy as my "carry around the grounds" for yard work and general maintenance, where I find a small fixed blade is a good choice. 

The specifications are as follows: 

2 3/4" blade of 1/8" O1 steel, 5 3/4" OAL

A couple of pictures to share with my friends - 



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Congrats on this one.  I like the size, as you say sometimes when out in the yard a small fixed blade works better for me also.

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