A knife goes around the world

A few Weeks ago iKnifeCollectors own Josh Wills won a knife. Too cool HuH? We all love a give away and being the winner is awesome. Josh had a generous and wonderful idea that we are going to follow and feature right here. As a matter of fact we would like your help.

Josh suggested turning this knife into a 'traveler'. He had the idea of passing the knife around to people that were interested in using it for a week or so and then sending it on to someone else that wanted to try it out. Along the way, you'd add your name and what part of the world you live in to a slip of paper that stays with the knife so there would be a bit of a diary / travelogue accompanying it.

Here's some basic rules to participate:

1) If you agree to take the knife as an 'adoptee', you agree to post a short note on the forum about where the knife is, how it's used and performed. We'd also REALLY like to see a photo(s).

2) You will also be responsible for paying the postage to send the knife to the next participant.
3) Understand, you'll have to share your contact info with the person shipping the knife to you so if that's a problem, don't sign up.

4) Forward the knife after about a week. We don't want it to end up sitting on someone's desk for a month.

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Greg wrote:

I was lucky enough to be the first to get my hands on the 621312 Autumn Leaf Clawed Bone knife won by Josh Wills in one of our recent giveaways. So the journey begins in Northwest Minnesota.

GREAT looking handle material and a really comfortable knife to use.

I put it to work cutting up some para-cord for bracelets. It has a decent edge but I'd probably touch it up a bit if I were gonna keep it. Really like that wharncliffe blade!

And this afternoon, it's on its way to the next destination!! Thanks Josh!

LOL what a great idea! Just an idea post the link to the blog and lets get the knife show on the road! Come on iKnife Collectors!

I love that bone! I'd sign up, except I'd never give it a workout like many others will on iKC! I'll be interested to see what it looks like at the end of it's trip!

Wonder we're it will pop up next?

Well I think we are going to see Stop #2 soon.  and then on to...........................

Well the second stop on the Mavericks world tour is Tampa, Florida.  Boy did Donnie love using this knife.  It went to work for the week doing some wiring chores.  The Maverick performed well. The 1095 held an edge, began a nice patina and made a good friend with Donnie.
Thanks for the fun Josh.  And the knife is off to............................................................... Well I will let the next adoptee tell you all about that STAYED TUNED AS THIS KNIFE GOES AROUND THE WORLD
Thank you Jan and Donnie for being a part of the journey and adding a little Florida patina! Glad to hear Donnie and the Maverick became friends just hope his other EDCs don't get jealous! Lol!

LOL, you they did.  All I heard was a lot of chatter from that EDC table last Saturday  LOL!!

Well I am a tad bit later in mailing than I thought but the next stop is Texas!  There is still room in the adoptee program...anyone else interested?

Well the travel to Texas should be complete.  Cant wait to see what the Maverick does on it's traveling vacation!

Waahooo! Texas!

How do you think the Maverick would do on some pits, Jan?

Jan Carter said:

Well I am a tad bit later in mailing than I thought but the next stop is Texas!  There is still room in the adoptee program...anyone else interested?

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