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I just wanted everyone to Know, all of the Miniatures I've made are for sale. Just ask about any of them you might be interested in.



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Chris - I love miniatures, especially knives. I wish I had the money to buy some of yours. Maybe I will someday. What is the smallest one? 

Jeremy The little Drop point skinner on the bottom row, at 1 5/8ths inches OAL is the smallest.

Nice assortment Chris.

When I first started making the mini's I had planned to keep them for myself (being scaled models of my full size knives).

A gentleman from Milano, Italy convinced me otherwise. Was tough to let them go at the time, but now they are a decent percentage of my total sales. Very customer specific market as not everyone can appreciate how much work goes into each one (plus no room for mistakes!).

All good, hope you do well with them. They are a nice change up from full size and a fun challenge to make. Keep it up.

Carl Rex


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