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When storing your knives,what kind of oils do you use?
And do you wrap your knives in what kind of material?
Do you leave them in the boxes?
What kind of cleaners do you use?
Is there things you do different on Carbon steel vs Stainless?
An if you have over 500 knives in your collection do you have
a sch. that you clean & oil certain amount?
Thank-you for your time an answers!

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Cameron, plastic holds air an collect's changes in temp, Heat then cools you
get moisture, or when it's cool then gets warm there's moisture there also Think
of your defrost on your car ,when its warm out an it rains your windows fog up .
That's a good point...I guess we should get them out of the plastic ASAP, who knows how long they have been in there before you got hold of them!
For storage, I just put them back into their original boxes.

I have never had a problem except for one Kershaw knife starting to rust. From then on, I put those little silica packets back into the boxes with the knife.

But other brands I have never had a problem at all. The steel resists rust for the most part, and most of my blades are black coated, but the Spydercos that are not haven't started to rust either.

And as for cleaners that I use, Im not the best example. I clean my blades with Brakleen and just leave the handles alone. When I carry the knives the dirt comes off from rubbing in my pockets.
The Renaissance wax will not hurt or fade or remove the print or color on the blade
But any metal polish will take it of the blade so be very careful.
How well would Mineral Oil work? I've got a good amount of that for seasoning my wooden cutting board.
Antti when I have a knife that I use that's about what I do ,but not soak in oil. However when you have paid a large amount for a mint knife to collect you want that knife or knives to stay in mint condition. I've seen new knives gas out an rust up in 30 days or less. So I stay on top of my knives. Also welcome to the group!!
Mineral oil is fine for bone/stag if it is in an environment that it will tend to dry over time. Also I use CRC Heavy Duty Silicone spray (spray on / chamois off) for a protective layer. In my safe I scatter tube socks filled with Purina Tidy Cats Crystals (cheapest form of pure silica with a hint of deoderant). You can get the house brand at PETCO in a 25lb bag...

Couple of notes. I have stored carbon knives for years in the little plastic bags like many come in; and have never had an issue in a controlled environment. Never seal them, but left open I have had better luck with them than knife packs. As long as they can breath, moisture will not form.

Many newer knife packs are made with a fabric that has dye or something that puts off a gas that rust knives faster than gassing celluliod. I had 6-742packs with a brown fabric I got from BRK that turned the NS bolsters on the backside of every knife and attacked all the carbon over a 3 month period. The ones with red cloth I have never had trouble with. Had to throw all the packs in the trash.
When storing your knives,what kind of oils do you use?

We use RustFree. It is a silicone based product.

And do you wrap your knives in what kind of material?

For fixed blades we wrap the blades in saran wrap and then wrap the knife and the sheath in tissue paper. For folders, we wrap them in tissue paper and put them in boxes.

What kind of cleaners do you use?

Simichrome polishing paste.
Sounds like you guys do about the same as me,and I clean my knives every 6 months - ALL OF THEM - John Wayne Movies are Great to have around then.
Don't forget to keep your CELLULOID handled knives separate!!!!
I learned that one the HARD WAY :(
Because I use a knife bout ever day I seldom"put them away". When I'm not going to use a knife for a while I stick it in a wooden cabinet. Prior to storing I try to sharpen and put on a light coating of silicone. I have several cans of silicone, some work better than others. I wipe evrything down with a cloth. No different process for blade material and for sure don't have 500 knives. Wish I did and may get there some day! Hog is a big believer in function so not to many of those....just ain't that a pretty knife sittin there, type knives. HOG
Excellent point, Mike. Make note here, esp. if you have valuable antique knives with etches. Sounds like a voice of experience talking.

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