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What book or books would someone need to identify and price pocket knives?

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The books in my library which I use the most are Levine's Guide to Knives 3rd Ed. & The Standard Collector's Guide 2cnd Ed. by Roy Ritchie & Ron Stewart.


I have a half dozen others that I use so infrequently I can no longer name w/o digging them up.


I wish I had a copy of Goins' Encyclopedia Of Cutlery Markings.


NOTE: Levine's 5th edition has nothing to do w/ Bernard Levine & is generally frowned upon.

Mac Book, Chromebook, any notebook, laptop, desktop computer, or any smart phone or tablet with an internet connection.

Sorry, I'm not trying to be a smart alec here, but I think you'll get the most comprehensive, most up-to-date pricing information online.  Forums like iKnife Collector (of course), All About Pocket Knives, or any of the other forums, should have some knives for sale, but even better they have people you could ask about specific knives, especially with photos included.  There's Amazon & other retailer sites for knives currently in production, and eBay to get an idea of what your knife or something similar will go for -- especially helpful with knives that are out of production.

With the decentralization of information provided by the internet, it makes the process of valuation of knives (or any collectible) more work.  But it also gives you more options, and access to markets that didn't exist before (in some cases the access didn't exist, in others, the market didn't exist).

But when it comes to authoritative sources, any guide by Bernard Levine is the most reliable place to start.

Still, I'd recommend starting with a Google search of the term "knife values" for general information.  But while you're there, maybe try entering the specific knife brand ad model into Google, & the term "value", might give you some useful information (or not -- but worth a try).

In my opinion both of the above are correct.  I use the same books as D ale for identification and I also use German knife and sword maker by J Anthony Carter (no relation) and the famous Case Classics Book.  I do find myself more and more relying on the internet as a first choice, only because I am usually sitting here when I read the question. 

For pricing, I no longer use books unless I absolutely cannot find an example sold in the last 5 years.  One resource I use consistently for pricing is the J. Bruce Voyles auctions.  I watch each auction as it is happening and I look back through the previous auctions.

DLKG & Jan both make very valid points.


When I purchased my books, internet searches were still in the dial-up stages. Now, I use DLKG's approach "Mac Book, Chromebook, any notebook, laptop, desktop computer, or any smart phone or tablet with an internet connection" almost exclusively.

I still occasionally return to Levine's because I'd memorized it back in the day. I still recall it enough to use it for obscure items that I can immediately recall where they are. However, I use the internet for most references these days.


Thanks, DLKG & Jan.


There are no intrinsic values for knives beyond what the owner is willing to part with & what the buyer is willing to pay.

Trips to knife shows will give a better idea of a knifes retail value.....Books unless very current, are not accurate on the market values. IMO

Books and magazines are great for finding the history and trivia around most companies and their knives, but it seems the internet is the most reliable way to gauge pricing. As has been said already, your knife is worth what someone will pay for it.

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