What movie, show, or television series are you fond of that showed knives or a knife you like. Or how about one where the knife is as much a star as the regular actors.

Where they deployed it improperly or anything regarding blades used in entertainment...

And I didn't even touch on the RAMBO series yet...

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My thing with "the Hunted", great movie I watch maybe (2) dozen times, is Tommy Lee Jones character L.T. did'nt like guns. He's going after a soldier he personally had a hand in training. Benicio Del Toro's character...Special Forces, Assassin, acomplished knife-fighter right.
Why couldn't L.T. strap on a fixed blade and put a couple of tactical folders in his pockets...I just don't get that!
OK- I'm late for work now after 35 minutes of making my selection.....but here it is.

The theme of my fav knife mov is House of Flying Daggers. It is way cool. It's a love story :) I really only watched it because my wife wanted too, but glad I did. Great knife fight scenes. And daggers flying all the way through it.

There is one scene where they are fighting the the bamboo forest that is over the top!
You are right on. Hero & Crouching Tiger are 2 of my Faves but for a GREAT sword movie you just can't beat Seven Samurai.

The knife fight scene in Under Seige With Tommy Lee and Steven Segal was just outstanding I had to watch it frame by frame.

Also Can't forget the final duel in Rob Roy Probably the second best sword fight in movies and certainly one of the most realistic.

The Princess Bride is hands down the best & most fun sword fight in movies.

Oh yeah and who can forget Star Wars & I don't mean the new CRAP!

I could go on and on and on but I'll stop here.
I actually liked the "love story" :) In fact, I told my daughter this evening to run by walmart and buy me the HD version of it, if there is such a thing.

Actually I did see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon....
In case, others here only speak Southern, like me. I had to go look up Wuxia.

But now I'm with ya Antti.
Ah come on Adlai- you were doing such a good job. I'm with ya on these too.
Chavez Chavez Vs Arkansas Dave...

House uses an SOG Twitch XL in one of the episodes! love that knife

CLASSIC..."Come on Bennet lets party!"

Best "Meet The" video yet. By far. Lol.
lol! I love this movie...Arnie was making a lot of action flicks back then.

what Gerber Mark II (Penn) vs Mad Dog Atak (Rybak)...

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