Let's have a contest for September

We are going to share it out!

Share our contest with any media and win an entry

Contest ends Monday 9/28/15 midnight eastern

Tickets are assign for sharing this contest, iknifecollector.com and sharing TC Collectible site or FB page.  We are on our honor again.  After you share out, post what you have done here.  Good Luck.  This knife donated by our sponsor TC Collectible Cutlery  

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interesting pattern, looks comfortable.

on face book with sharring about contest

Sometimes I really hate FB. I just got a response on my share on FB with a link to the story of that crazy woman who attacked police with a sword, and had 3500 knives in her house. I bet there are collectors who never attacked anyone that have that many knives, maybe even more. Too bad we don't hear more about those folks, the ones preserving a piece of cutlery history. Unfortunately we get associated with the crazy ones. Can't wait for FB to include a "Dislike" button on their site.

LOL...1000 plus at my house hurt no one today

Jan Carter said:

LOL...1000 plus at my house hurt no one today

Just glad you moved from Florida, Jan.

I'm sharing via email. Thanks for the opportunity to own another very nice knife.

Michael Roper/M48TANKER

P.S. None of my knives or guns hurt anyone today! Like Ted Nugent said: "I've got more guns than the 82nd Airborne Division."

This is pretty cool!  The knife itself is gorgeous, but in following the links around to TC Collectible Cutlery, I found a knife company I'd never heard of:  Trestle Pine Knives, & they have a definite Minnesota connection (though I can't tell where the company is based).  Guessing they're new, & I'm going to keep my on them in the coming months.

Anyway, I shared the contest on my Facebook timeline, as well as on my Facebook page for North Star Blade Collectors.  I also "liked" TC Collectible Cutlery on FB.  Then I "liked" all 4 models of the Trestle Pines Knives "Buddy" model.  Thanks for getting the word out here, I think I found my next must-have knife...

Shared on FB and Twitter

I also think I will print a page and put it on my note-wall in my office....!!!!

I shared it out on Facebook (I think I did it correctly. I never post anything on Facebook other than the occasional comment on someone else's post)

And then I posted a thread with a link and picture of the knife on All About Pocket Knives.


Lastly, I sent it out in an email to some friends.

Great knife. Checks all my boxes. Good luck to me. :-)

Shared and liked here and on Facebook


Shared on my blog!


Thanks iKnife and TC!  

Shared on my FB page...  real nice give-away!!  Hope I get lucky for a change ;-)))

Thanks iKnife and TC!!!

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