I am looking for a knife that I can take on camping trips and do some bush crafting. I would like to get some input from all of you, on what you think would be the perfect knife. I have had a few suggestions already, but I am not set on a specific knife yet. So far some of the better choices I have heard are, Kabar - Becker - BK2, BK7 and BK9. I have also heard that some of the Esee knives would make a good choice. Another part of this discussion would be, how many of you would consider using a knife for batoning? Give the reasons you would recommend the knife that you suggest. Some of the tasks I would like the knife to do for me would be: trimming small branches, carving, striking a ferrocerium rod to start a fire, possibly batoning and whatever else I might need it for.

So, lets hear your ideas! 

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I have often wondered if Grohmann is a large company in Canada.  I think if I lived there I would own many of their useful knives.  I like the blade styles

Ron Dumeah said:

All my Grohmanns!!

Those are great looking knives Ron!

The problem, Jan, is that Grohmann is our only knife maker--excluding custom and bench.

Many US knife shops, including A.G. Russell, carry the brand.

In the city I carry a Nbr. 2 Bird and Trout on my hip and have for about 35+ years.

I just recently picked up two "bushcraft" style knives

The ESEE 4HM in 1095 carbon. HM stands for handle mod. They are wider and more rounded and feel very good in the hand.

The L.T. Wright Bushcrafter HC I just got last weekend at a show in New Stanton Pa.
It's in 1075 carbon and took a very nasty edge. It also has the fat rounded handle

Nice Mike.  Both are great brands, the handle mod sounds interesting!

That LT Wright has been on my short list for several months now because it is so much thinner than most bushcrafters, meaning that it will slice really well. I just rediscovered that Esee 4 HM in the last week or so & I think it's likely to be my next fixed blade...
Both of the knives ran about $100.00 a peace and that was with the sheaths. I got the ESEE from GP knives. Can't go wrong on either one for the money. I tried to post pics but Iam not there yet.

Jan this is what the store front looks like. I want to go there one day. My wife and I talk about traveling Canada next year.


OMG!  GO!!!!!!!

Check out the big knife through the building!  GO!!!!!!!

Mrs Ron, he will buy you a steak dinner, a new pocket book and new anything...Just GO!

PS I want pics please,please, please!

Ron Dumeah said:

Jan this is what the store front looks like. I want to go there one day. My wife and I talk about traveling Canada next year.


Lots of good info on there site

Since starting this discussion over a year ago, you have all been very helpful and I have learned a lot. I appreciate all of your input. As many of may have already known, it is hard to settle on one knife for any specific use, so I have invested in several different knives that meet the criteria I set. I plan to add to what I have now and will use each and everyone of them. I have been doing some camping and hiking and love taking different knives when I go out. Here are a few the ones I have deemed capable of handling the tasks I need them to.

Here is the my latest addition to this group, the Becker BK7. I have already decided on my next purchase. Leo point ed out that BHK makes some good bushcraft knives and I have decided to get one for my collection. Since most of my recent knife purchases have been for bushcrafting, I have been buying larger fixed blades. Now I see that there are many needs for a smaller bushcraft knife. I have decided on the BHK Frontier 1. I am saving up money now.


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