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Luke likes to hang around, when he's in town. He has opinions on EVERYTHING and doesn't hesitate to tell folks what he thinks.

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Question for Luke- "You a knife collector? If so, what do you collect?" Surely you got an Old Timer or something in your britches pocket.
I asked Luke about that, in another discussion. He said that he carries a knife that's named after him...

I swear...that is what I figured him to be...an Old Timer kind of guy. Hey Luke...check out my latest blog on the community home page....love to get your 2Cents on the kind of knife prez obama would carry....if he carried one.

I bet he'd carry on of them, sissy little, "French" knives..
:) LOL!! It sure isn't an "army" knife, now is it? I knew you'd like that. I can see the french knife...swirly pearl or ivory handles with single blade- a short one.
He`d got to be carrying a butter knife.He`s been spreadin it thick!

That Roger feller hitten it right on the head. I don't see Obama carryin' a "Ivory" nuthin. He's a Liberal.
And when it comes to Pearl, I think back to Gen. Patton, concernin somebody askin him bout his "Pearl Handled Pistols"...
Patton :[about his pistol grips] : "They're ivory. Only a pimp from a
cheap New Orleans -----house would carry a pearl-handled pistol."

So y'all tell me, what's he carrin'?
Hey Luke? How often do you get online and are you a Mac or PC?

Hey there, Scott feller,
I gets to say hi when ever some computer guy visits the diner, here. That JJ done got him a "hot dot" or somethin'. Lets folks study on somethin' besides the food, (If'n ya know what I meen).
While Sarah and Megan was arguin, the other day, I peeked at the one at the General Store. It had IBM on it. That help ?
IBM who? No, Luke they went the way of GM....at least I thinks they did :)
Hey Luke I just joined so wanted to say Hi, and hope we have some good converse
Luke Says...

I'm usually around here, when I'm in town. Only place they lets me hang around ao a regular basis.


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