It's a busy weekend. Time to spend with family and friends.


I just wanted to take a moment to bow my head in remembrance. To say thank you and welcome home to all of my fellow Veterans who served our great Country.

And a solemn moment to remember those for whom we honor and celebrate on Memorial Day; The brave men and women who gave their last full measure of sacrifice on the field of battle and in the agonizingly painful days that often follow.

Thank you! You are not forgotten!

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Thank you Ron, for your own Service and for always remembering those that were before and after you :)


Well said, Ron. Thank you. God Bless America.

God Bless them.... Thank for serve for protect our America

God bless all of our service men and women.

I have great respect for all those in uniform, and those that have given the ultimate sacrifice. 

Thank you Ron, both for your service and this public acknowledgement. Thos of us who wore the uniform know and understand the meaning of today. We truly appreciate those who recognize the significance of today. I have had family in many conflicts during Viet Nam, Korea, WW 2, WW 1, Spanish American War, Civil War, even the War of Independence.

Thanks to all who served! And a big thank you to the families of service personnel. They make many sacrifices for those who serve that people are not aware of. They, like the service member, do so without hesitation or wanting any recognition for it in return. They put up with many months of being alone or raising a family singlehandedly. Bills, repairs, sickness, and just everyday life. Families are many times the true strength of troops. It gives them a true purpose and dedication to their mission.

Let us remember the fallen and never forget why. This is MEMORIAL DAY!

the whole my relatives was the war in WWI, WWII, Korea War, and War of Independence....

Thank you Ron for your service and for the service of so many women and men across our country, including my own Father, a Vet of the Korean War.

Well said.

Remember Those who fought and defended our Country so we are a free nation..

Thanks to all our IKC veterans!

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