It is nearing that time of year again.  Figured I would give everyone a heads up that I will again be doing a Christmas giveaway ... with a special knife ... and a special contest!  Watch my daily status clues to see if you can guess what I have in store for you this year!

Mark your calendars and check back on 12 November for all the details.  The only stipulation for entry is that the giveaway will be open to those who have been members for at least 6 months prior to the start of the giveaway (joined on or before 12 May 2023).

***My Christmas GAW is now OPEN, see below.***

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Nice try Andy!!!   Everyone should keep in mind ... with each card having 24 random numbers out of a total 30 to be called ... and 2 numbers being called a day .... this has the potential to be a fast moving contest!!!!

Is it the 26th already????? Happy Thanksgiving Eve! If you eat more than me tomorrow you’re a heck of a man!

Let the fun begin.  I realize I said I was going to post bingo numbers in the morning and afternoon.  Gave it more thought and didn't want anyone on the west coast or different time zones in Canada to be at too much of a disadvantage if I posted the morning number too early.  So, to better accommodate a larger group of participants (consistent with my schedule) will try to post in late morning and sometime in late afternoon/early evening Eastern Time.

And with that .... the first number is: 26

PS .... it just dawned on me that today is the 26th and the first number drawn is 26!!!!!  What an omen ... good or bad ... I have no idea!!!

.... and the next number is: 12

Throwing a post on this thread, so I will get an email update when new posts are added.


Ditto, Kevin -- thanks for the idea!  And of course, thank you, Dennis, for the creative approach to this giveaway!  :)

You guys are catching on!!!!

I like it! More interesting than the winner chosen by the daily lottery number technique I’m used to.


Dennis Hibar said:

You guys are catching on!!!!

This is exciting!

Very cool. Thank you.

.... and the next number is:  2

Shotgun pattern......lol

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