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A friend of mine, and member here John Kiedaisch of JK Handmade Knives, recently held a two-day knife maker's workshop. At the workshop, each participant used their own pattern for a knife and John walked us through making the knife, step by step, over the course of two days. 

It was an absolute blast, and was also eye-opening. There is a lot of work that goes into making a knife, even a "simple" stock removal knife. John makes it look easy and I applaud him for his ability to make beautiful knives with little machinery. He is an artist for sure. 

Following are pictures of my knife, a smallish general use knife with a spearpoint blade and tan micarta handle - 

If interested, one can navigate to my web site to see pictures of all of us participating; I tried to take a picture of each of the 6 participants on every operation, so there are a lot of pictures at the following link (note, these are all hosted on my private server so this is not a spammy ad-filled redirect...) 

Knifemakers Workshop Pictures @ iammoon.com

John is planning two more workshops - one in July and one in September last I heard - it would be a great opportunity for anyone that would like to attend and the cost is less than the cost of the knife you come home with! I will let John know I posted this here as well - 




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OMG that is wonderful!!  You did a great job and I know you enjoyed it.  What steel and how did you heat treat?

Thanks Jan! 

It was John's O1 tool steel, and he did his K-Treet proprietary heat treat, which consisted of being heated to 1500 in a heat treat oven, and then quenched in oil when at 1500 degrees. John then took the blades into his home for the temper in his oven; we were not privy to the proprietary components of his K-Treet process. I have tested JK knives with this process to 60rwc. 



Jan Carter said:


OMG that is wonderful!!  You did a great job and I know you enjoyed it.  What steel and how did you heat treat?

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