Hi guys and gals,

I am MAYBE going to be able to trade for one of these two Randall knives.  The guy says they are at least 30 years old.  I would appreciate any information you all might have on them, especially a decent possible trade value.  I know some older Randall's can go for big bucks and I haven't actually seen these in person yet so I don't even know if they have ever been used or sharpened - although they appear to have been used in the photo's.  Thanks everyone!

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Sorry Data, almost impossible to tell without better pictures of the blades themselves. They definitely look used, but how bad is tough to tell from the angle the pics show.

Watch this one, it goes today http://www.ebay.com/itm/Randall-Knife-Model-4-Fighter-Trench-6-inch...

and this one


I do not believe the first sheath is original but I could be very wrong.  See what those 2 do and then if you can see them in person evaluate condition and pay based on that

Hi Ms. Data.  Lets see if I can help you out. 

The Randall "name" on the sheath snaps were started in 1995, so the sheaths are no older than that.  There should be orange sharpening stones in each.

The wood handled knife is a Model 1, and from the strap marks was stored in the sheath.  I would check the condition closely.  The brass end cap and wood handle were "adds", but do not add a lot to the value of the knife.  So the more recent age and wood handle in my experience do not increase the value.  Cost?  If I were going after this one and the knife blade was clean and unused, I would not pay more than $450 at a maximum.  I would personally offer less than that for it.

The second knife, same description for the sheath.  Appears to be a Model 3.  This is a standard configuration.  Again, due to more recent age and obvious use and wear, the value is not strong.  I would not offer more than $400 for this one personally.

Mind you I always try to purchase something below sticker, but still while Randalls are great knives, these two are not ones I would personally chase as investments.  I would see these as users.

I have two Randalls that I may be trading off, but I will post them this weekend.  One is a vintage one I will be "restoring" and the second is a newer model with a lot more bells and whistles and value.  This might help you see some differences in terms of what I would refer to as an "eye catcher" and a more ordinary Randall.  I hope this helps you out!!

Here's a few Randalls I have owned over the years. All good investments.  One in there I should have held onto....

Bryan W thank you so much. That is exactly what I needed to know. I would have offered him way too much. I was expecting to hear from him this week end though, he said he was going to be in my area for Mother's Day, but I have not heard from him. I am not opposed to a Randall that is a user, but yours sure are pretty too! Thank you!

You are welcome!  I do like a good randall, and typically have one on hand.  I enjoy buying and selling them, as its fun to try out all the different models.  Ill try to post the two I have currently in the next day or so.

Fantastic info Bryan and Thank you!

So I traded for the Randall Model 1 today.  Thanks to Bryan's help I think I made a good trade.  I think we are both happy and those are the best trades to make.  Here are some pics . . . 

Bryan - if you read this - he told me not to polish the brass.  Said it is best to leave it unpolished, to have the patina on it, do you agree?

I guess the logical follow up question would be: you said you would see these as users and not collectors and that is great for me.  So you don't see an issue with polishing the brass, using it, sharpening it, hanging it on my belt, cleaning the leather, etc.etc.etc. ?

Congrats Ms Data!  One more dream knife finds it's way home

That is awesome Data! Great knife, for sure!

Hi Ms Data

Congrats!  The knife looks really nice, so much better to see in your new photos.  Nice wood on those handles.

My two cents?  Enjoy the heck out of it!  Polish up that brass with a good "soft" cleaner, hone up that edge and get some use out of it. It will look like brand new with a bit of care.  Lexol for me does a nice job on leather sheaths, keeps them from drying out and greatly helps ones that have gotten a bit stiff from age.

Congrats again on a nice find!  Have fun!

nice Randal Ms Data, good for you! I agree with Bryan, if your going to use it polish tne brass, keep it sharp and use it like it was meant to be. ive seen more mint unused Randalls than used ones, I think mr. Randall would be happy to see it used . 

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