I just joined today. I recently took ownership of my father's entire collection of knives. I need to help him sell them. He's 81 now and needs to cash-in in some of his collectibles. The knives were easiest as they are small & esay to ship.

I'm looking for some guidance/help. I know I can check their value on eBay, but some of these knives are definitely collectible & valuable.

So far, these are the brands I've come across:

Tree Brand
Schatt & Morgan
Cripple Creek
Russell Barlow
Case - lots and lots of Case
Schrade D'Holder
David Yellowhorse, one of these & it is a beautiful. In a wooden case.

None of these knives have ever been used for anything. They have been stored in boxes- since 1998. Most have original boxes, some have paperwork, a lot of original receipts, too.

I appreciate any input.

Thank you,
Derek B. Cooper

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I uploaded 3 pictures of 3 knives and it seems only 1 of each came through...?


Derek Cooper said:

One of the beautiful Marbles


Derek Cooper said:

Schrade D'Holder


Derek Cooper said:

Another Marbles

Close ups to follow
One more after this. 7 total Randall knives. These are truly beautiful works-of-art.
Last close up of the Randall's.

Any input is appreciated. Anyone here who is interested please send me a message or you may call me. I will give my number to you in a PM.

The more I go through these knives, the more impressed I am with the quality of many of these brands. There are limited edition knives, knives with mother of pearl handles, faux tortoise handles, elk & stag handles...

Thanks again,


Derek, Have you thought about keeping the knives and building your own collection? When someone builds a collection they do more than accumulate items in it. They build themselves into it. They acquire items that appeal to them and their own unique tastes. After a while the collection begins to take on a personality of its own sometimes mirroring the owner. Care and thought go into building a collection. They build it for a reason or maybe more than one. Some build a collection to serve as a financial investment. Depending on the collection it can become quite valuable. Some collect because they enjoy having items they can relate to or that they enjoy possessing. Others build for special reasons.

For myself, I'm building a collection and helping my Grandson build his so that we can have something to do together. We go to sales and shows together. Bonding time. Creating special memories that only the twso of us share. I am helping him build his own collection. I allow him to decide what he wants in it and I also make purchases to add to his collection. I try to keep in mind his tastes while also trying to add more financially desireable pieces to it. It gives me great joy when he describes his collection to his friends.

What ever you decide to do with your collection I would urge you to hang on to at least part of it and build your own. My own father only had one knife that he used every day. An old Case Barlow. While it is not a focal point in my collection it does have a special place as it is a link to my past with him. Whatever you decide I wish you great success and fulfillment.

Aslo, thanks for joining iKC! We love to look at each other's knives and read their stories. I hope you wil be around here for a long time to share your pictures and stories with us.

Wow, thank you very much Chuck! Very kind of you to take the time to tell me all of that.

Ironically, I was thinking about, at least, keeping part of the collection. I likely will, but the main purpose of all of this is my father's financial situation. He's been through a lot emotionally and financially. I'm the youngest of 4 boys & he entrusted me with this collection.

I have always been one to collect things that I appreciate, even as a kid. It used to be baseball cards & autographs. Vinyl records, which I no longer collect- I still have a valuable collection of. For the last 10+ years, I've been collecting vintage drums. I'm a drummer & I run a small shop North of Boston that specializes in vintage drum restoration. I have a pretty massive collection. The problem with drums, is they are huge... Fortunately my shop, which is in a restored circa 1900 barn & I'm able to keep the drums out of my house.... Just ask my wife about that ;-)

So, Chuck- thanks again. You may have planted a seed that was almost there in the first place. For my dad, I need to sell most of these knives. However, I can see how I'd be interested in collecting knives. I certainly would have a great foundation & a foundation that has taste that reflects my father & me.

Derek B. Cooper

I realize this is an old post...but do you have any of the schrades left for sale?

Hey there

Randall, Camillus, Cripple Creek and Boker I would be curious to find out what you would be interested in selling.  Thanks!

could you please send pics of the knives to me with prices wanted ?

                                      e-mail is rtb.627007@yahoo.com

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