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Any suggestion as to where I can find a NKCA round logo shield.  The one I am looking for is 3/8" in diameter.

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I will have better luck in locating one if I know which knife it is on.  They are hard but not impossible to find

thanks Jan...the knife is a Stag German Eye, Carl Schlieper, 1996 NKCA Whittler.

Thanks Jim, let me see whats out there that I can get my hands on

Still reaching out Jim.  Asking some folks to check out their old inventory boxes

thanks Jan...A week or so after you started the search for the nkca shield, I was rearranging my collection of nkca knives and I found an exact nkca shield hidden under the knives...I was elated, but guess what, I came from one of the nkca knives I was rearranging, so I'm still in need of the nkca shield...

LOL!  We will keep the questions out there and find one

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