Measures that may be brought in later in the year mean that although we will be able to buy knives online they will need to be collected from the retailer personally?

Now I haven't bought a knife from Greg at TSA for a while mostly because I have been spending my money on straight razors. Also, the £ has dropped 20% since Brexit was announced which makes purchases from the States just too expensive with shipping and taxes.

This proposed legislation, however, means that I would have to travel to Detroit Lakes, so that Greg could check that I am over 18, and pick up my purchases in person. That could make the next GEC rather too much trouble, I guess that is the point!


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Oh , Geeeeez .. what a crock of sht. It is utterly ridiculous.


I know from our previous conversations that "they" -(the powers that be)- have the general public convinced that tools with sharp edges (knives) are actually weapons of mass destruction yielded only by radicals intent on .. mass destruction. And it certainly doesn't help that there have been some cases of radicals using knives to attack the general public quite recently in the UK. Still .. what a crock of .... !!


In my country .. there exists an analogous situation with firearms (when the letter of the law is followed). Granted .. it is easily skirted ..&.. often is. But .. there is something known as an FFL .. a Federal Firearms License. Technically .. if I mail order a firearm OR certain parts for a firearm .. it must be shipped to someone who has an FFL & then I have to go there to pick up the firearm / part. All legitimate gun dealers have one. Most .. if not all .. pawn shops have one. Some of my personal friends have one.


NOTE: The requirements to obtain one are payment of a fee & passing a thorough background check.


Has there been any discussion of setting up something similar in the UK --- such that a legitimate collector of cutlery could make a purchase from a non local source & have the product shipped to a local shop or someone who holds such a license (e.g. an FKL .. Federal Knife License) ..&.. then pick it up from there ???
So sorry to hear this , John.

This story only surfaced today Dale and is still up for debate I believe, however, the general opinion over here is that knives are weapons and people who "carry a knife" are doing so for some sinister reason. There are some online knife stores notably 


I doubt if that is a big enough business to have any influence on the matter. There could be some way around this such as mailing to a brick and mortar store but they are few now. 

It will be similar to the situation with handguns here, there was a lunatic who shot some school children quite a few actually. That was the end of handguns in the UK you could sense that it would happen because so few people owned guns that the public had no sympathy and it is hard to argue against grieving parents.

Young people are stabbed every weekend here in the UK this won't change with the proposed regulations as a sharpened screw driver or a chisel or a kitchen knife will do the job just as well. 

Not only will they work just as well, the sharp objects used to stab here most often are kitchen knives and screw drivers.
This is insanity! Is there no one over there looking out for the rights of the individuals? There must be some of the legislative officers that come from rural areas and will listen to their constituents??

There is no sign of any such person Jan, though of course there is a way to go before the idea is brought into law. At least I hope there is a way to go as hopefully the whole Brexit thing should keep them busy for some time and this stupid idea may die out.

We have some proposals to  make government laws each year-some reasonable and others not. We contact our lawmakers-Senators and Representatives with our opinions. 

That is sort of what I was wondering Paul. If those citizens in areas where this would be just out and out dumb have the right to contact someone that might care. I guess the last part is what may be lacking

Paul S said:

We have some proposals to  make government laws each year-some reasonable and others not. We contact our lawmakers-Senators and Representatives with our opinions. 

Yes Paul it's not a problem getting access to our Members of Parliament though changing their fixed opinions on things could well be a different matter !!

I think that it is an easy answeer ,and a common one, to say ban it ,whatever the it is, looks like the legislaters are doing something . Of course when the vast majority of the population have little or no interest in a subject then .......

There are people in country areas who need and use knives in their daily life . From what I have seen these guys buy cheap knives from the local farmers store and not online I guess they are likely to lose them often . 

There is a while to go yet before the MP's are back from their summer holidays so anything could happen by then to take their tiny brains away from this subject.

I had a police officer tell me once .. more officers are stabbed with screwdrivers than anything else. Don't know how true it is ..but.. the man had no reason to lie to me. i.e. I'd known him for years .. still know him ..&.. it was a friendly conversation we were having while he was off duty. We were at yet a 3rd friends (who has an FFL) & were both buying firearms when the subject came up. The other 2 knew my affinity for knives & were asking my opinion of a few various brands when the subject came up. His answer may have been area specific & seemed to hinge on what was most available to whoever was being arrested @ the time.

Jan Carter said:

Not only will they work just as well, the sharp objects used to stab here most often are kitchen knives and screw drivers.

"their tiny brains" .. you're funny , John !!!

I believe it is universally true .. most politicians hold very narrow views. And .. 'tis very unfortunate how easily $$$ will influence those views. Although .. very little else seems too.

A friend of mine visits prisons Dale and knives are banned there of course but they still manage to stab each other. Where there is a will there is a way, as they say.

I mean that some politicians are both intelligent and decent some are one or the other but most are too busy trying to gain an advantage which only leaves a tiny teeny little bit of brain left to deal with their proper work. So they take the easy option which is a failing common to most of mankind .

Image may contain: outdoor

I find it interesting that the pic includes a filet knife and a chefs knife.  Come to think of it, how on earth are you going to clean a fresh fish if you dont have a knife?

Maybe you could let your fingernails grow and sharpen them!  LOL

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