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Hey yall im newAdded by Anthony

so my name is anthony and about a couple of mouths ago i bought a knife from the local flea market and i was trying to find some info on this…

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Imperial International Cutlery (IIC)

Japan, with some products also made in Korea and USA Imperial products are often stamped IIC.

I am still of the opinion this is your maker.  Although the better part of the business done by IIC Japan is flatware, I cannot image a company of this size allow another company in Japan to use their trademark.  I will keep searching but I do think this is just one where they have stepped outside the normal build

Jan, while I know nothing about Imperial Int'l Cutlery, or Japanese trademark law, I'd very much support your analysis on this one. 

The knife looks like it was made by a company that produces flatware, the tang being completely enclosed in synthetic material like that.  Which means they probably really know how to make knives that can cut, & from the looks of that blade, it's an excellent slicer.  Looks like a decent score to me!  

Anthony, clean up the knife & make a sheath for it.  Then put it to use & let us know how it performs!

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