I am going to Scotland on holiday soon and will be staying close ,though not in, this castle .

Just thought if any of you good folks have Scottish blood you may be interested in the pic. 

Anyone know which castle it is ??

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John, I don't think I have any Scottish blood, but that sure looks like a nice place to visit. Very interesting.

Ken Spielvogel said:

John, I don't think I have any Scottish blood, but that sure looks like a nice place to visit. Very interesting.

I would think the original inhabitants would have collected a few knives Ken !

Yes, I bet they did and they used them also.

I am of Scottish decent on my Fathers side John. I have never been to Scotland however. I am related to a Clan called Hannah. But always curious about Scotland and have watched film about its history.

 I think Hannah's were from the Lowlands Steve ,the castle in the pic is in the Highlands. 

Just found this about your ancestors,


Yes that it is John, our first known relative sailed to America in the 1800's and may have first landed in Baltimore if I remember right. We have been here a while and as a note of interest, I had relatives who fought on both sides of the American Civil War.

Thanks for that link though it is quite good!

Ooch, me laddie buck...They dinna ken that that's Donan Castle on Loch Duich and that the lovely lassie Catherine Zeta Jones with Sean Connery filmed a movie there called "Entrapment".

I have family still residing in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness and nary a drop of Celtic/Saxon blood in the lot (excluding some intermarriage).

BTW -- the fishing is still pretty good there for salmon if you're there during the run...There is a tackle shop near there that has some of the most exquisite flies that you've ever seen and some fetching hundreds of dollars due to the tyers reputation.

I figure you have found me out Shlomo you are on the money there.  I want to go to that area again to see some of the places  I lived whilst cutting trees in the timber industry , an awful lot of years ago. Also it is a lovely area but I will wait for the Midge to ease off and go in September. I did fish for both trout and salmon when I lived there and may visit the tackle shop you mention , maybe see if they stock any good pocket knives !

The Eilean Donan castle to be more specific- Many movies filmed there, such as "HIghlander" , "Highlander Endgame" and the James Bond film "The World is Not Enough "-BTW, I am  Scotch/Irish-- 4/5 Irish with a fifth of Scotch in me (hiccup) LOL !! 

I am anticipating having some Scotch in me as well John !    We have a house booked just a mile or so from the castle , a lovely looking house right by the edge of the loch I can hardly wait. A short history and a closer look,


Hat off to you, John.  Would love to visit Scotland again.  I found both Ireland and Scotland to be "idyllic", though living there might take the shine off such beautiful countryside (gasoline/petrol prices, etc.), and heating a stone castle would take winning the Irish Sweepstakes.

We will sure look forward to hearing about your trip and seeing some pics when you get back. Be safe.


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