I seem to remember discussions in the past around the question of sharpening ceramic bladed knives. I have been under the impression that this was a hopeless task and not really worth the effort. Now however on my favourite sharpening blog there is some hope for those unlucky enough to have purchased ceramics. 

Personally, I don't think that I will be rushing out to buy a ceramic bladed knife but at least there does seem to be a way of putting an edge on them. Fantastic pictures as well !!


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Yes John .. I can (from personal experience) state ... don't buy a ceramic knife.

They're brittle .. very brittle.

I broke one slicing through an unfrozen & boneless roast .. wtf.

I have a folder that sits in a little used drawer in the kitchen & rarely see's the light of day. It serves as a reminder !!

After snapping the french chef knife .. I proceeded to round off some off the resulting sharp corners. That worked so I figured I'd try to sharpen it. I put the result under a USB microscope & the cutting edge appears to be knapped. More accurately .. micro knapped.

I gave it up as a "lesson learned".

They do seem to be an answer to a problem that doesn't exist, with all the great steels available. If I see one in a junk shop for a £ then I may buy one just to try sharpening but other than that I see no real reason for them. I had a ceramic peeler once but it broke the same day that I bought it.

I think .. they were originally marketed as "the knife you'll never have to sharpen". But .. I've never held a sharp one. Straight from the manufacturer .. these were & are in a state that I'd be sharpening them ..if.. they were metal. And brittle .. that's the understatement in all the ceramic blades I've used.


I'll send the lil green folder over for you to try sharpening (LOL).
One caveat .. I never want to see it again .. really.

(:  D ale  :)

Dale, I don't want you wasting your money on me, postage is expensive. I am sure I will find one of these things over here.

Of course, even if I do I am of your opinion that ceramic blades are a waste of time, however the challenge of trying to actually get one sharp does pull at me.

Very kind offer all the same, thank you my friend.

Thank you, John.

Frankly .. i was be facetious.

They are (imo) simply not worth the time ..or.. $ ..or.. shipping cost of any amount.


Since you've attained the skill of sharpening that exceeds the skill of most of us .. I can see the appeal .. trying to sharpen. I'm confident that with the sharpening tools you have at your disposal .. I could see it happening .. you getting one sharp.


The fragility of the blade is so poor it would break under any ordinary use.

The act of sharpening would be the only award @ doing so .. I doubt you could even resell them.


However .. do let me know if you ever get a sample & are successful sharpening it.


D ale

PS: The news makes it appear the weather has gotten even worse over there .. winter from hell or something.

I will let you know how any experiments go Dale.

Some places in the UK have had a bad week, here we have had just about an inch of snow but very cold winds.

I think a lot of people just can't cope with winter anymore, they drive too fast in poor weather and are unwilling to alter their behaviour to suit the conditions. We are getting very out of touch with the physical world and expect to be able to just carry on with life whatever the weather is doing. I am old now and remember winters being rather worse than this. My friend Thomas in Sweden said he had -33c the other day, now that is cold !!

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