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Everyone has their favorite knives, but I've read about guys LOVING these things to death!

I've owned just about every type knife, but I've never had one of these. But, that will change!

They are sooo sleek, trim and graceful!

Do you have any? How do you like them? 

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Well I really like the way they look. They do look pretty sleek and trim, don't know about graceful. The blade is the key. Look at the size of that knife, I mean you can perform a lot of cutting chores with that long of a blade.  Plus a lot of handle to hold when you work as well. My only complaint, with that size i wish they had a way for me to clip that on my side.

There's guys that think these things are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I don't know about that....I like my bread.

"They" say they make a good back pocket knife too. Not graceful? Just look at that sexy handle! LOL!

I particularly like the Queen in Honey Amber Bone (of course), and the Case Rough Black.

Yes, had one
Yes, loved it
Yes, you must get one


Which one? Case, Queen, or...? What handles? Don't leave me guessing........sheesh.

it was a case.
It was lost on the job I had at the time.. so sad

I dont know that we have ever had one of these Craig!  Maybe that easy open needs to make its way to the 2013 list.

I think you might have to look for an older one. I don't think they make the easy open now. It would be a nice one to bring back if they don't make it any longer.

I really like the easy open myself.

Here you go Jan, and Steven. A nice easy open Slimline! Made by Queen?............

I have this old Red Queen. They do make for a nice Back pocket knife.

Very nice Brad. I can see a Slimline in my future!


How long are these?  I think I may see one in our future also

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