Smith & Wesson SWAT First Millennium Run - value estimates?

I've been searching and don't see any better group to place this question under. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough or need to start a general knife values / questions area somewhere.

Somebody at work heard about me and knives, asked if I could sharpen a knife for him. It's been abused a bit, was a gift from a friend when he was best man at the friend's wedding.

The knife is as the subject says, a Smith & Wesson SWAT First Millennium Run. This one is as the picture shows, a partial serrated. From what I can tell searching about, it's a 440C stainless steel, one of the first 5,000 made for the y2k millennium. No made in the US, or made in China stamps on it so I can't tell for sure where it is made. I found previous ebay sales that look like people paid between $15 - 50 but can't tell for sure if all were the exact same model.

There is no box or paperwork of any kind, but the knife is in reasonably decent condition - after I cleaned off all the years of stickiness (from cutting box packing tape and stuff maybe), smoothed out a few minor nicks and sharpened it.

Would anyone care to give any estimates on the value? I'm just curious, there's no plan to sell or anything - just wanted to give him some data since he told me he didn't even know if it was cheap junk or is a decent quality knife. The knife has more sentimental value to him than anything.

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About $20 - $25.

Knife Center indicates that it was made in Taiwan, and has been discontinued.  


New, I would, for the most part, agree with Shlomo, used I'd value it around $10.00.

I have a few Smith and Wesson knives, marked "First Production Run", and found them to be decent user knives.

Seems the guys have the value covered.  Just a few observations.  Nothing wrong with 440C and it is obviously a go to in the user line up for him sense you had to clean so much off of it.  So my opinion would be that yes, it is a decent knife and holds up well to regular use.  With that and the personal value, my thought would be for him it is priceless.

Thanks all for replies - I passed it on, and as Jan said - to the user the value is priceless. I will try to remember the knife center link and use it to search in future, thanks JJ

That and five other knives I sharpened the same night earned me a rebuke. After I did some testing, cutting thin slices using grapes, I sat in a chair where my wife was watching TV and put my arm out. She asked "what?" I said look. She looked down and saw a big bald patch on my left arm from testing 6 knives and told me to stop doing that, use my legs if I have to shave test so I don't look silly. :-)

Tell her that it's not silly, it's a family trait.

Ditto on the $20 value range.  As long as it works for your friend & he's not planning to sell it, dollar value isn't an issue, but obviously the consensus is that it's not a collector piece.  If your friend wants manufactured tactical knives that actually tend to increase in value, I'd recommend Spyderco, Benchmade, & Cold Steel (but avoid using them, for the most part).  

I was (& still am) skeptical (cynical?) about the ability of S&W knives to hold up over time.  Hearing about your friend's knife holding up after what sounds like years of use instills a bit of confidence I just never had in that brand.  (Side note, my S&W kukri actually seem to be of better quality than my Ontario kukri, so maybe they're not doing too bad after all.)

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