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This contest will end at midnight (eastern) 6/10/17

Enter your smoky mountain memory here in this discussion prior to that time will enter you.

Whether it is about a trip there, the show, a knife you got from there...enter you memory here.  Our prize is a Case Carhart 059L and a package SMKW gave out at Blade.  The package has a sticker, a coozy, a keychain and a cleaning cloth!

Post as many memories as you like, one entry per member :)

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I'm in!! I visited SMKW last year after visiting with you and Donnie Jan, and I can tell you I was overwhelmed by the place. Spent parts of two days at the place and still didn't see it all. The only reason I left was because I still had a cross country drive to accomplish, and I basically ran out of money so I thought I better leave.

Believe me, if you haven't visited the SMKW brick & mortar store you really should, it's a destination unto itself, just remember to bring money because you will want it ALL.

I have been there about 8 separate times. Most of the the time it was a visit in the morning before it was really busy and in the evening. I have been through there 2 times and spent a couple of days each at Kodak while going to Myrtle Beach for vacations. Each day there I usually spent 4 hours in the store.2 in the morning and 2 in the evening.of course we also had to see some of the attractions in Pidgeon Forge and Gatlisburg. Great place to go.

The only local attraction I went to other than SMKW was the big Bass Pro Shop up the road, and the Coleman company store across the street from SMKW. Both were worth the effort, but SMKW was in a different league. While there I found out that the guy running the hot dog stand outside SMKW was a working comic who was a Jeff Foxworthy impersonator & had a regular gig at a local resort, working at the hot dog stand was only his "day job". He had photos of himself with the genuine article at the stand, and he actually kinda looked the part. Nice guy, decent hot dogs too, really hit the spot after a hard day deciding which knife(s) to buy.

I also went to the custom knife shop in the parking lot there before I left, and was attacked by the owner's dog, he grabbed the hound just before she got to me, guess she didn't like the long beard, (or California Mountain Gnomes like myself). Needless to say I didn't spend very much time in there after that. The guy kinda looked at me like "what did you do to my dog", (nothing other than walking in the door and looking at the dog), so the whole vibe was kinda weird, I took a few photos then silently left and walked over to the Coleman store.

I also wanted to mention that SMKW will often have in-store-only sale prices on certain things, you can find some screaming deals that you would never find online if you are fortunate enough to go there.

All the times we spent in the chat room watching KnivesLive, talking and watching knives, joking about $6.99 Flat Rate!, watching Josh to see how many times he cut himself each show. Some great times! Oh...and my signed knife I wonn that all the guys scribbled on!

I have been to SMKW three or four times but my fondest memory is my visit in July of 2013.  I got to meet the Knives Live guys, Josh, Jay, and Tony and had my picture taken with them.  I also met Michael and he gave me a personally guided tour of the National Knife Museum which was still there then.  Josh gave me a guided tour of the whole facility including the Knives Live studio.  It was a really fantastic visit.  This contest got me to thinking about it and I had to go back and reread the blogs I wrote about it. 

I wrote seven blogs about my visit.  If anyone cares to read them again or for the first time, here is the link to the first one.


I feel the 35 pictures I posted don't do SMKW justice.  To give a good idea of what all is there would take hundreds if not thousands of pictures.

This reminds me just how much I miss the Knives Live TV program and the chats we had while watching it.

hey all im in  ,i only live a couple hours away,some of my family members have yearly passes for dolly wood,so there is someone always over there,but none of them knife nuts like me,my neice and her bill dance ,jeff gordon boyfriend races gocarts across the road from bass pro ,i think they call it dumpling valley ,i think the knife shop was in gatlinberg back then ,i went in there and me about 9 or 10, every wall even the celings were coverd with knives,the best i can remember those days were they had barrels of knives sitting around ,i was like a one eyed dog in a meat house,the remember when they started the paper deal,you just walk around and tell the man behind the counter what you want ,he gives you a piece of paper with a number ,every time you see something they put another number on your paper and the worker takes the item and leaves it at the counter,i got to the front and there was a couple stacks sitting there,o ,this isnt to bad untill i gave the lady my paper,my baskets were in the floor behind the counter,that was a big laugh months later,i love that place and the people there are the greatest,i plan on being there tomarrow,if you dont like knives ,thats not a stop for you! o im in

Steven watch for us, i will be outside about 730 and once open i will be right around the area of tony bose taking pics on my tablet.  We made new memories today, Dakota had the open mouth lok for about an hour and then he fell into the what can I buy mode. He ended up with three knives, a bb gun and a new spinner

Although I missed Steven at SMKW he is our winner here !  Steven I need your address please :)

You missed me at SMKW too, (because I wasn't there, though I really REALLY wish I had been).

                                                                     Congratulations Steven!!!

Congrats Steven! Nice to have met you, Donnie and Dakota Jan!
Congrats, Steven


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