I don't think my pictures posted correctly in my first attempt at this, so I'm trying one at time!

I found three knives that I have from an ex boyfriend, who is an avid knife collector. I am hoping to sell them, but I don't know anything about them, or what a reasonable price would be. I am hoping some of you might be able to help!

This first post is just the Spyderco knife, because I think I exceeded the attachment limit by posting all three. If this works, I'll make posts for the other two!

Thank you!

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Ok, that worked, so here are the other two knives!

Darcy-Welcome to IKC !!  -Your knife is a model C41 BK Spyderco Native FRN . It was introduced in 1997 and is a discontinued model made in Golden, Colorado.These are currently selling in the $70-80 range.

hollow ground CPMS30V  steel blade     BL- (blade length) 3.125"      OAL-(overall length) 7"       Weight- 2.65oz

Handles-FRN  (Fiber Reinforced Nylon) ----  The FRN handles make it a lighter knife to carry---

Darcy--The next knife is a model CR1130  CRKT Pharaoh. This is also a discontinued model that was designed by Allen Elishewitz and so marked with the small gold plated medallion on the blade.These also are selling in the $70-80 range.

 hollow ground AUS8 steel blade      BL-3.625 "     OAL-8.25 "       Weight-4.8oz     clip point recurved style blade

handles--Zytel- (a Dupont trademark material)        country of origin-China

Darcy-Last but certainly not least---- a model S-94  SOG Tomcat 2. Also a discontinued knife .This is a very collectable knife.The original Tomcat 1 came out in 1988 and won Blade magazine's overall knife of the year award. The Tomcat 2 was the next knife in the series and also highly regarded. Made in Seki, Japan which is a strong selling point as Seki has an 800 year history as a knife making center with quality bladesmiths. Came originally with box,papers,and a nylon sheath. These knives are currently selling in the $185-250 range.

AUS6 stainless blade     Rc-56-57 (Rockwell hardness scale for blade strength)   BL-3.75"     OAL-8.25 "    Weight-8oz     Lockback design locking mechanism         handles-Kraton (a trademarked synthetic rubber)

Wow! John, thank you SO MUCH! That is unreal how much information you got from those pictures! I can't thank you enough!


Also, I was so surprised that the last knife is the really cool one, I thought it would be the middle one!  I am just so grateful to you for all of this information!  

Congrats on the news!  Thank you John McCain, you are awesome !!

That SOG is a heck of  knife.  Pretty much indestructible.  Best of luck wit the sales!   I may need  to give that SOG some thought!

Hi Bryan! Thank you for the kind words! Just let me know if you're interested, I'd be happy for you to have it! I figured $200 for it? Kind of on the lower middle end.

Hi Darcy

I'll give it some thought.  Without the original box, sheath and papers, as well as the spotting on the blade, that does pull the value down some.  I will let you know - thanks!

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