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Don’t get me wrong here folks I love iKnifecollector.  I like that we are the online community that doesn’t care what knife you collect.  Young, Old, classic, tactical, male, female….there is a feeling of family where all are welcome.

But what about those clubs that still meet face to face? 

I know the Gator Club here in Florida does.  I have yet to have a chance to go to one of their meetings, life seems to be so busy and it is not here in Tampa.  The show they do is fantastic and meeting folks from right here in FL that do take the time to meet, show and talk knives was great.

I also had an opportunity to meet with some folks from the Soddy Daisy Knife club recently.  One, a young man in his early teens explained to me that the club accepted his interest and has helped him learning about knives, knife collecting and history.  It intrigued me that they were growing interest in our young folks.  Enough so that I have asked to join the club even though they are not local for me.  I am just compelled to help support the efforts of this club.  They also make annual trips to the Knife Museum to assist with the cleaning of the treasures held there.

I will put some more info on them in here, a little background.

 I want to hear about your clubs!!!!!!!!!

Who here still belongs to a club that meets face to face on a regular basis? 

How do you attract members?  How do you keep that interest?

Do you work at bringing in younger members?

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So, no club members?

It is a good question, and I do believe that connecting at a show somewhere is a great way to get someone to talk who may have a passing interest or a new interest and needs some advice or wants to ask a question.

I think Alec had an idea in tying "cutlery" into the history of the country.  I am very interested in how different clubs attract members and grow

As far as I know there's no knife clubs in this country. So tough luck for me.

I am a member of the Southern California Blades Knife Club and have been a member for over 30 years. I talk about different knives from time-to-time. But like everyone else, including my genealogy club, we have a hard time attracting the youth, my feeling is that they all want to play video games these days. Here is a link to my club: http://www.scblades.org/

No clubs for me yet, but I will check out Mr. Cooper's club.

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