A whole bunch of people welcomed when i signed up. i wanted to say thanh you to all. i am not a real technology person (even with simple stuff! ). I use my phone for this stuff, got no computer . so i hope you all know i truly appriciate your hospitality. also please excuse my spelling i have spent to many years using my back and not my brain.

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That's OK John, here is the good part, you only have to love knives not technology!

Welcome, John, we just want you to make friends and enjoy yourself, on here. Ask questions, join groups and explore our club. I'm sure you'll have fun.

Glad to have you here John.  And don't worry about the technology.  I am an electrical engineer and I often have to ask my daughter how to make this computer do what I want it to.  LOL

ROFL,  I agree with Steve.  Robert is right, just relax and have a good time
Steve Hanner said:

That's OK John, here is the good part, you only have to love knives not technology!

John, if you had to be technologically inclined to be a member this would be a very lonely website. Welcome and feel at home with the rest of us old schoolers who used paper and pencil instead of calculator. We used encyclopedias instead of Google. And we knew how to have plenty of fun before Pac Man, X Box, and whatever the latest phase is.

You said it right there, Chuck.

Chuck, when I was in college there were no calculators.  I had to use the old slip stick. (Slide rule to you youngsters who probably have never even seen one.)

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