This is a story that takes a picture and a video to tell.  In the picture you see a doe.  In the video the doe bolts and the coyotes appear.  These came from my trail camera.  It is set to take a picture and then a video each time it is tripped.


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I would try to get rid of those coyotes from my hunting ground, if I were you. Thanks for the post.

Definitely Robert.  I will take a shot at one any time I can.  I had a shot at one during last years muzzleloader deer season.  But I missed because my scope had somehow lost zero between the time I sighted it in and started hunting.

I have a caller.  I am going to try to call them up.

They are suckers for a good call but watch the wind. They will smell you out.

Yes I see that!

I have to get some pics of my Pyrenees, because right after the deer and the coyote would be white dogs, saliva dripping and fangs showing ...yeah its gonna be a bad day for the coyote! 

Robert, i got rid of one of them today!  I took my .30-06 and my caller into my shooting house (the green outhouse sized structure on stilts in the background of the pictures).  I called for 10 or 15 minutes and a coyote came out just about where the deer is standing.  An easy 75 yard shot.  When a coyote and a 150 grain Remington CoreLokt out of a .30-06 collide, the coyote always loses!  Went in his left side a nice .30 caliber hole, came out on his right side a softball sized hole.

Unfortunately didn't take a camera with me.  I guess that means I wasn't all that sure I would get one! LOL

It does show me that my rifle is still dead on.  Hit the coyote right where I was aiming. 

Robert Burris said:

I would try to get rid of those coyotes from my hunting ground, if I were you. Thanks for the post.


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