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I just took the liberty of moving this to Q&A so it could be seen better :)Reply by David H. Bolyer 1 hour ago

This is the knife in question.  It is for sure Uncle Henry, with the 8OT Schrade USA on the blade.  Does anyone have any idea how old or what it is actually worth?   It has not been carried, but no papers anywhere

David H. Bolyer 

I cannot find a single reference to that knife with that configuration. No jigged bone for any 8OT that I can find from the 60's to present. No OT stamp with an Uncle Henry shield. OT being the Old Timer line. I have a feeling you have a knife put together from parts after the sale of the company.

My two cents worth, Steve is probably correct, also though most didn't know that with the lifetime guarantee if you sent your knife in to be repaired they would use what was most readily available to repair. The Schrade 8OT blade was made for the Schrade Old Timer 8OT and is the same size as what was originally on this knife but had a different stamp than the Uncle Henry knives. It could be a repaired knife or a knife that was put together by an employee or as Steve mentioned an after closing parts knife. No I don't think you will find a reference between the 8OT and Uncle Henry. I could be wrong, Just my two cents worth.

Well, I tend to agree as well.  The Schrade (and all the other tangs involved) parts can still be bought as new old stock from many sources.  What you have purchased is one heck of a great user or a conversation starter.  It is a great knife and above all it will work as the tool it was intended to be for a couple of generations probably.

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