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The site is telling me there's an "Error" every time I try to upload pictures. I can upload pictures to a group discussion fine, but not my photo album. 

I get this message;

"We tried to upload the file(s) you selected, but encountered errors. Please try again."

Anyone else having this problem?


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Still not working. It was working fine a few days ago. Nothing has changed on my computer in any way.

I'll take a look right now, Craig!

Same issue for me as well. Looks like yet another ticket needs to be submitted to NING.

Definitely an issue with NING.

Tried on 5 different mobile browsers with the same result.

Sorry folks I am just coming on after 24 hours of migraine issues.  I did turn this in last night as JJ made me aware of it.  This is the NING response:

Hello, We do apologize for all this inconvenience. This is the result of the issue we have now on the Ning 2.0 platform at the moment. It is already reported and we are working on it's fix. We will inform you as soon it will be solved. Best regards, The Ning Tem

Thanks so much Jan, I appreciate the response!

I sure hope you're feeling better! Our younger son has had migraine problems too ever since his time in the '91 Gulf War. 

Testing it now

Nope still broken

Jan Carter said:

Testing it now

It's working!  Thanks Jan!

Thanks everyone for letting me know so I could get them working on it!

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