We have a great group "EDC Club" and has a lot of good topics, but no place really to post your EDC. And you have to be a member of that club to post on that group. I have been using a couple of posts in that group for my EDC's but does not relate to the topic.

SO - how about an ongoing Discussion with pictures of what you are carrying today?.

What are your favorite EDC's?   What is your EDC lineup?

This will be for all IKC members, not just members of the EDC group.

So Post those Everyday Carrys and show us what you are carrying today.

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This Case Teardrop in 6.5 Bonestag.  The lineage of this knife is clear, having been designed for Case by Tony Bose.  It has a balance and feel that is a delight in both the hand and the pocket.  The "Zulu Spear" blade shape is one of my favorites.  The fit and finish on the knife is top notch, with the springs exactly flat in the open, closed, and even the half stop positions.   

Your right Frank you can tell the difference in the TB line.  When he makes the proto, he also makes what is called a take apart.  Yep, it is just what it sounds like..a proto that pulls apart so they can see and evaluate each piece and how it integrates with the rest of the knife.  That is one good looking knife

My EDC for work.

I got this EnZo Birk in D2 a week or two and have been neglecting my other knives ever since . Good job I didn't buy this knife before I got the collecting bug or it may be the only knife I had !! 

There again that is unlikely may have to get another one in S30V , there you go I feel better now .

That ios our Manx!!  No matter what comes your way today you will be ready!

Steve Scheuerman (Manx) said:

My EDC for work.

Kinda funny when you look at other people's "pocket dumps" and think..."What the heck do you need all that stuff for??" and then look at your own. I was surprised when I saw it all laid out. I am One of Them!

LOL, count yourselves lucky, I would have to dump out a purse!

Jan makes a good point.  There is the "What's In My Pocket" picture and then there is the "What's In My Back-Pack" picture. 

I have been carrying a RR Copperhead lately and it works real well.

ZT0452CF all week, thus far.

The RR Copperhead is not a bad looking knife, Tobias.  I can't be too enthusiastic about it because it seems to be a cousin to the Trapper, and Craig might accuse me of duplicity if I say too much favorable about the Copperhead. Hahahahaha.

I haven't gotten anything new or interesting in some time.  Been wearing my Western R-16 for the last few weeks.

I've been carrying and using Toothpicks all summer.   I started carrying this Rough Rider Sawcut Bone 5 inch toothpick about a month ago. I'm very happy with it.  The 4 inch was too small.  Despite its length, the slender build and single layer make it a quite comfortable EDC.  I've relegated my bulkier Swiss Army Knife to the back-pack so my mini-toolbox is still handy. 

As I collect large toothpicks, I wanted to keep one of these in mint, in the box condition.  So I have two of them.  One for my display and one for the pocket.   Almost anyone can do this when the knife is around $10!   The knife is rock solid and I use it daily.  It makes an excellent steak knife, pruner, and all around general cutting tool!   I can see why the pattern has been around for such a long time, despite it lack of current day appeal. From what I understand is it pretty much began life as a folding small game skinner / bird & trout knife (hence the reason the ones with an added scaling blade or integrated scaling spine is called a fish-knife!).

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