Well you know sometimes when it is real quiet and you just can't sleep your mind begins to wander.  What if you could only have one?  Well, I started to put all kinds of 'qualifiers' on the situation.  Would I be in the jungle, or the desert or at sea??  Would I have an axe, a saw or any other cutting tools with me?  Could it be a multi-tool or one of the SAK's with a dozen blades, screwdrivers, pliers, allen wrenches and so on?  The options and possibilities were limitless.  So I brought the whole issue back to the most basic consideration.  It had to be a fixed blade or a conventional folder with no more than two blades, no other cutting tools, axes, saws, etc. 

You're gonna start out aboard a ship that sinks and you drift ashore several days later on a beach near a jungle.  There's a stretch of desert you have to cross before reaching the snow covered mountain range separating you from civilization.  In other words, you're going to be in all kinds of different environments each posing their own unique cutlery related issues.  The point is, it's a pretty rare occasion you get to plan your own emergency situation prior to the event.  Yup, you're in deep doodoo with just one knife.

As impossible as this situation seems to be, it's a fun mental exercise.  So...what would you bring?

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I would have to bring my swamp knife or what alot call a canp knife. The knife would have to be big enough to take care of fire wood and yet small enough to help clean fish and game. I think it would also have to be big enough to help build a shelter. I worked the swamp when I was young as an wildlife enforcement agent and I would bury myself back in the swamp some times  and thats the main knife I would bring. I also would bring a folder but in this senereo, I can't bring it. I think the most handy size knife for this type of adventure is one that measures about 15".
The boys on Dual Survival always seem to have a big fixed blade on them. A camp knife with a sawback would be the handiest. I agree with Robert about the size also.

Thats a tough one for me, I feel that a stainless would be best. Putting myself in this "real" situation I would have my Buck 110 on my hip, and probably my Red Wine GEC #72 in my pocket. If I had to pick between the two, I would really be tempted by the Buck. Just an all around bigger knife, not a better knife though. So I'd go with a Buck 110, for a "real" situation.


I would probably have GEC build me an all stainless, black micarta scaled, bowie style knife. It would have saw teeth on the spine, and a lanyard hole, fresh with paracord. It would probably have a 7'' cutting edge, and a 4'' handle. I think a scandi grind would be best for all the cutting and resharpening. Speaking of which, the micarta would be screwed into each other, removing the screw will expose a hollow for a GEC wet stone. Yep, I'm ready now.

And we have decided to borrow Johnny's knife.  (Donnie has his 73 in his hand right now)
Johnny, That would be a very good  choice.
Johnny, that sounds like one hella of a knife but good luck getting GEC to build it. They seem to make only small fixed blades, everyone a real user but too small for big jobs. If GEC would make a series of large outdoor knives they would probably sell like hot cakes.


Since that thought of Johnny's did get some good reception here I moved it the GEC thread "what would you like to see GEC build next".

I do not know if GEC watches this thread but I know they watch that one

I wish they would make some pioneer lockbacks, I think there a #23.  My little Scout Lockback needs a big brother. Put my name on one.

Jan Carter said:


Since that thought of Johnny's did get some good reception here I moved it the GEC thread "what would you like to see GEC build next".

I do not know if GEC watches this thread but I know they watch that one

Good luck...I'll go with my GEC, Randall, M.L. and Treemans. I'll feel alot safer and happier.


Be sure you also bring a cell phone.  We will ship you a real knife

My guess would be he has some


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