Canada, Oregon, Montana, Washington State, California are on fire.  Tx is still under water and Fl, Sc, Nc and Ga are in the way.

Let's make sure we are checking in and letting our fellow members know we are doing ok.

Where are you and are you safe?

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Danville Vermont  I am safe

Burbank, CA I am safe.  The fire stayed on the other side of town.

We are in the NE GA Mountains.  We may get a bit of wind/rain.  For us that may mean power loss but we have a generator and many ways to cook that dont require power

Fred and Eric!  Thank you

Central Florida. OK right now....fingers crossed for later

hi, applegate,or.  so far so good. Good luck all. Mike.

New Port Richey Florida. Getting ready to face Hurricane Irma! Still need water. Stores are out. This is the first hurricane that I can remember, that the store's have run out of water. Trying to come up with a different plan! All else ok, hopefully.
NOAA keeps changing the track. Who knows where it is and isn't "safe"?

Vernon BC, Canada. Very smokey and on constant fire watch, but somewhat safe. Yes, we live in the bottom middle area where all the pretty flames are.

Ok in Hampton Roads (Virginia Beach / Hampton / Yorktown) area in Virginia. We're expecting some rain and wind but won't be as bad as others south of us

This is a good idea for a topic. I hope all in the way of fire, flood, or wind are safe and out of harms way.  I'm in northwestern PA, so everything is fine here.

From the bottom of our heart with you. Stay safe, all of you.

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