I won this knife in a recent IKC contest. I thought I would do a knife review on it for everyone. I just received it today, so it will take me a little while to do the review. I'll keep ya'll posted on it's ups and downs.

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The review is almost ready. Please be patient.

I decided to make this a collaboration type review. Instead of just my opinion, I asked my Grand daughters boy friend to help me with this review. The main reason for this is I'm a traditional knife buff and I really don't use these Tactical style knives. On the other had my collaborator, Paul, loves this type knife. So not to prejudice the review, I thought I'd get his opinion.

Here is a few pictures of our new Benchmade knife. We will try to give ya'll a collaboration type knife review.

When I decided to do a knife review on this tactical pattern Benchmade knife, I thought I'd get someone to help me review it along with me. Mainly because I am not a big fan of tactical pattern knives. I didn't want to prejudice the review. Lucky enough, my grand daughters boy friend loves Tactical pattern knives so I got him to help with this review. His name is Paul.

  Before I started this review, I had heard good things about Benchmade. So, I received it with the knowledge of it's good reputation. Well after opening the real nice blue box it came in, it didn't take me long to realize this was no ordinary tactical knife. It's quality and opening and closing show off very quickly.

  I found the 154CM blade came very sharp. I own several 134ATS knives, that are supposed to be similar to 154CM but I like this steel better. I just love this razor edge it has.

  The knife is just the right size, not small and not to big. I believe it carries very comfortable in ones pocket and the clip hold just fine.

   The world of tactical knives is new to me but if I had to pick one this Benchmade would be high on my list. I found the knife very user friendly and super sharp. It preformed all of it's duties just fine and we really put it through the mill. We took it Catfishing, Turtle trapping and Crawfishing. On every outing it begged for more.

   In all honesty I can't say anything bad about the knife, except that it's not a Traditional knife. My real love.

  I'll now let my collaborator, Paul, tell ya'll his opinion of this fine little Benchmade knife.

I was lucky to have Robert let me use a knife of this caliber! I have many friends that own Benchmade products and have never once heard a single complaint. Over the years I've owned various brands of varying styles but I found the tactical style of the blade, with this model knife, having its own particular advantages. The steel used in this "Griptilian Tanto" came from the factory sharper than most knives and if I had to shave with it I'm pretty confident I could, I didn't get a chance to sharpen it as it has stayed sharp through tasks such as cutting rope, cleaning various animals, even cleaning a slight bit of brush from a trail with some over hanging branches of .5" thickness and the blade cut through it with one swift slash. Some key aspects that make this a knife well worth the cost would for one, as I stated above the quality of the steel, action of the folding blade, and most importantly the ergonomics of the handle are impressive to say the least. Imagine you are working and your hand sweats, or you might be fishing and holding a slimy catfish which can cause a poorly designed knife to slip right out of your hand as to which you could either loss it or even worse injure yourself. I have a 5" scar on my hand from when I was a child to attest to this, the ball shape guard extension and the stippling  as well as the medium size you can be sure that this knife will stay in your hands. One last thing to mention that I haven't seen on another knife is the placement of the pocket clip which was very well thought out in that as soon as the knife leaves your pocket it is in the right position and ready to go!
Thank you for your time.

Paul Broussard

That is a great testimony to a great knife, Im glad that it is serving you well.  Not to mention that you can move the clip to make it carry in your pocket tip up , tip down, right side or left... those crawfish look mighty tasty... next time you get a sack

count me in

thanks for a great review and a better man couldnt have won it .... 


I was hoping we were going to get more reply's on our Review. I guess this group needs more members. If you have read the Reviews, please give us your opinion, don't just read it and move on. Thanks.

Robert, I put the review up on the slider today!

Terry, can you do me a favor and forward this to Benchmade?  I am certain they would love to hear the real life review!  I know I was impressed just holding the knife, now I am VERY intrigued!

Sounds like a great knife.

Robert Burris said:

I was hoping we were going to get more reply's on our Review. I guess this group needs more members. If you have read the Reviews, please give us your opinion, don't just read it and move on. Thanks.

A great knife and a great review, I appreciate it Robert and Paul

Thanks Ya'll, on a side note; Paul had lost his good tactical knife so after his help with this review, I gave him this Benchmade knife. He was really excited. He just loves the knife. I am very happy for him. He's a college student and there is no way he could afford this great a knife. 


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