Welcome to NM Collector Software.

For $30, you receive a full featured software package that enables you to keep track of any type of collection you may have. Primarily, I would imagine that Knives and Guns will be the draw here...I am using and reviewing the Knife Collector Software. There are a few pre-loaded collection templates that come with the software, but fear not...if you want a way to keep track of your Garbage Can Lid collection, you can make your own template for that as well. But for now, let's stick with the Knives.

I contacted the fine folks at NM Collector about reviewing their software for our community, mainly seeking information and permission for this review, fully prepared to sample their demo software, which is Full Featured for the first 30 days for folks to try out, then reverts to a limited demo version if a licence is not purchased. I was quite pleasantly surprised when not only did they send me a bunch of information, but a licence key as well. Downloading the software was quite simple, and then the dreaded installation and preparation for use began...

First of all, I had done some research on the abilities of this program, thinking I had to buy each collector package separately. Not so. One program held ALL the available collector templates, and I could use them all! So, my purchase did not limit me to only one collection, but all available templates, and the ability to make my own. Very handy! Then it came to installation. As it turned out, it is not so much an installation, as a Plug-and-Play program. Plop it onto your hard drive where you want it, and go. No tedious installation needed. No big deal, you say? Well, with this type of program, you may now toss it on a USB stick on your key-chain, and carry it around in your pocket...and be able to run it on *any* computer you come across. Your whole collection on your key ring! Handy again, no? Also, if you use a Cloud service, you can plop it in your Cloud, and be able to access it from anywhere as well, if you don't like packing a thumb drive around. Same result...your collection and inventory is now available at your fingertips from any system with internet access. Just log onto your Cloud and run the program! Tell me you've never wanted to have your whole collection in your pocket for shows, shopping, or just hanging out with fellow collectors! Colour me impressed thus far...and we haven't even used it yet.

So...it's where I want it, ready to go...let's fire this puppy up!

Identification Tab

Initially, a little intimidating, I'll admit. Possibly more so for those less tech savvy than others. But, I pushed on and started to play with things. Data entry was very simple using the fields provided. Pretty basic stuff there, so long as you are happy with the fields available. The above screenshot, borrowed from NM Collector, seems to be from a previous version, but you get the gist of the process. Click the empty field, enter your info, move to the next. Pretty simple. Alas, I have never been one for simple when I can complicate things and frustrate the heck out of myself. So, off I went mucking about and changing things around. After a little bit of trial and error, I managed to come up with this...

A little more comprehensive, and more what I was looking for. Editing the names of the fields was simplicity, once the little Edit Captions button was checked. Not bad at all...and a minimum of frustration. Now I have a good start. Again, filling in the fields with my own info was quite easy, once I edited them to show what *I* wanted. On to the next page...Description.


Not a bad setup. but again, I wanted more. So....

That's more like it! Very easy, now that I have a clue as to what I am doing. Certainly more suited to what I want, and how I want to organise things.

The Pictures tab is very basic to use. Click Add, find photo on your computer, click on it, bang...it is copied to your program database...*not* just a link to a picture on your computer. This now allows you to have all your pictures of your knives available on your USB drive, or your Cloud service, and accessible from anywhere! You can add as many as you like for each knife entry, and you can choose which photos to include when you print a report, if you find the need to keep a paper record for yourself, or if you are giving a copy to your insurance company, or locking a copy in the safe with your collection. From what I can tell, the only limitation on photos is how big or small you want your database to be. You can also make comments on your photo and add any relevant information you like.

Next up are the Receipt and Disposition tabs, which document your purchase or sale information...where, when, who, address of seller/buyer and any notes you wish to include. Great info to have if you track your buyers and sellers. These I didn't bother to change.

The next tab, Maintenance, was nice to see. Here you can track your cleaning, repairs, warranty work etc., and keep track of the costs, dates and tasks for each individual knife. Most, I imagine, will ignore this tab for the most part, but others will find it quite handy to track any work done on specific knives. Again...fields can be changed to your preference.

The next tabs are fairly self explanatory. The Events tab, I assume, is for any shows or events related to your particular knife entry...either selling or buying. Dates, costs, employees etc.

The Data Sheet tab looks like it's just for additional info you want to add...just a blank page you can add to. No picture needed for that...

The More tab is looking like a place to add more fields that wouldn't fit on other tabs. Again, customisable...an example of one I just threw together.

And a tab for any links to manufacturers or additional info you want to list...

Overall, it seems like a fantastic program that can be used to be as descriptive and as comprehensive as you choose to be, with the ability to use it in a very basic capacity if you so choose. Fairly flexible in its uses, easy to use once you get things set up the way you want them.

It also allows you to print out a few different styles of reports, depending on what you need. With or without pictures or notes...how many photos to include...that kind of thing.

So...there you have it. So far, the best program I have seen yet for inventorying your collection. I'd say a 7/10 on ease of use, 8/10 for usability and practical usage, however, that may well go up once I figure out how to delete or change existing fields in the tabs. For that, I have sent a support request, and am waiting for an answer back. I can't seem to delete Date or Money fields, although I can change the description of them. A minor issue at best, but one I would like to learn how to do.

It will be a daunting task, entering all my knives into this program, and taking pictures in a format that will be constant with all my entries, but once the collection is entered in its entirety, it will be a piece of cake to keep it current with any new purchases or sales I may make. As this program doesn't keep info on servers on the internet, once you have it, you can use it forever. It won't be discontinued and made unusable, you can use it for life. And for the price, I think it is a fantastic deal. It also has an App that will let you carry all this info on your phone or tables, and will sync with your computer if you make changes on either your computer or device. And for $2.03, the App is well worth the buy.

$32.03 for your entire collection in your pocket with all your info and as many pictures as you want, usable on any computer anywhere, and as basic or detailed as you choose, PLUS being able to have the same thing for *anything* you collect? I say Great Deal!

Feel free to check out the program for free for 30 days of full features, and judge for yourself. You can find it Here ...I hope you find it as useful as I have so far.

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Ok, at your request Jan, her is one knife I'm documenting. 1926 Kinfolks K380 skinner my father purchased for himself in Aug 1926 as a birthday for himself, (or so the story goes, supposedly my grandmother wouldn't allow him to have one in the house before that, so the first thing he did when he turned 18 was to go out and buy this knife). Stacked leather handle, 4 1/2" CV blade, 8 1/4" overall, and in very good condition considering it's age. This is my camping knife, has been all of my life, and other than being careful with it, I use it at least once or twice each year. Hopefully my grandson will use it as his camping knife one day too.

I've shown it with it's original leather sheath, which I have retired to preserve it as the leather around the snap is delicate. I also show the modern sheath in which I carry it in now. A nice feature of the software is the ability to include a URL for a link to any online info which may be associated with a collectible. I have a link to a copy of the original Kinfolks catalog page that features this knife, so I will include that in this knife's documentation too. This is, of course, is one of my most prized possessions, and by far my most prized knife.

Jan Carter said:

Glad your liking it Syd.  While your loading all those pics share them with us also?

that's a great looking vintage kinfolks syd

Excellent review Manx - thank you. It actually influenced me to download it and try it out. After two days of fiddling with it, I think I will be buying my own license. 

I'm not quite thinking in the same mindset as the NM developers, so it's harder for me to figure out how to customize it - but I'll get there.

Thanks for putting in the effort!

I agree, great review, the software designer should give you a bonus because I'm obviously not the only one who will be purchasing a license for this software. Had we never heard of it we wouldn't be buying it now. Thanks!

You can customize each page by checking the "Edit Captions" box, you can then make up any category you want. Not sure how far you can go with the customization, but you can create your own headings. Keep poking around, you'll figure it out.

Lars Ray said:

Excellent review Manx - thank you. It actually influenced me to download it and try it out. After two days of fiddling with it, I think I will be buying my own license. 

I'm not quite thinking in the same mindset as the NM developers, so it's harder for me to figure out how to customize it - but I'll get there.

Thanks for putting in the effort!

Wow...seems like I haven't been here for a while...lol.

Thanks Syd. They were actually kind enough to give me a free copy of the software, so I was a happy guy!

Quick questions before I dive into the review and determine about my purchase 

1) Many times I find that I have duplicates after I have already entered them into my current software. What could I do about this? Can I do a search for each knife by keyword, if it is a duplicate then just change my inventory quantity? Or can I find duplicates and consolidate if entered?

2) Is there a way the program could automatically resize the IMAGE size (say from 3mb down so that it takes less memory) like many of the forums do automatically?

Thanks!! Insane good review, just checking first on couple things

Jaron...keyword search is certainly an option. Inventory quantity is something I didn't look at, however, with the degree of customisation in this program, I would say it would be quite simple to add a Quantity field.

I don't believe it automatically resizes the photos. But if you are using a photo editor program to touch up your pics, you can save them at any size you want. Storage is only limited by your device.

Manx, I checked out the PlayStore and saw that NM had a Knife Collectiing Software spp for $2.00. they have several other apps geared toward other collections, each for the same $2.00.

The Knife Collection app is currently rated at 3,5, with two taters and only 1 written review, which was a 1.

I'm wondering if this is the same company...I've all but quit using my desktop, and usually use my tablet or phone.
Clay Pryor here. I wrote the software being discussed, both the desktop version reviewed here and the Android apps. If it is OK I would like to help answer the questions posed here.

First, I did design the software for uniquely identifiable items so I did not provide a quantity field for duplicates. However, as Manx suggested, you can easily add a quantity field. The only problem with that is it will not be factored into the receipt and disposition dollar amounts. You will have to adjust those manually. Perhaps a better approach is to use the copy button in the desktop version and the dup button in the androod app to duplicate the item.

I do not automatically adjust the size of the images in the desktop app. Large images do take up a lot of memory. However, some people insist that they want large pictures and are willing to purchase the memory and processing power to support them. I suppose I could add an option to resize for those who would like the program to do it.

I too hardly ever use my desktop any more. In fact I am writing this rsponse from my phone. I probably should devote more time to my android apps.

I believe the guy who wrote the revirw of the app on playstore gave it a 2 but, surprisungly for such a low rating, it seemed to be an overall positive review.

Anyway, thanks to Manx for such a detailed and well written review and for those who are discussing it. :)

And again, awesome to see a developer following his product as you do, Clay! So awesome to see that even after a couple years, you are available for questions and comments. Just another reason I like this program!

J.J. I got the Android app as well, mainly to have my collection "in my pocket" to be able to show off. I do find it a little easier to use on the laptop as I have a big screen connected. But the mobile app is handy as heck when you are flaunting your stuff and don't have a computer to use. :)

Thanks for jumping in, Clay.
Glad to help. Glad my posts are welcome misspellings and all. :)


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