The purpose of this discussion is to submit ideas for knives to be tested. Can be your knife, a friend's knife, whatever. Give us an idea on why that knife. Is it a one of a kind? Is it in production?

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A pass around review would be interesting. Get multiple people using the same knife and then following the same format.  Should be interesting to see how that turns out.  If results are similar then we might be able to say that we are being quite objective.


I think Rick wanted me to review my Waki so I will do that.  I will also try to get an EDC review of my Manix CTS-XHP (sadly only a sprint run) later this year.

The pass around review really does sound interesting.  Would everyone repeat the same tests?

Might be difficult to do but I like that process too. If we were to agree on methodology and are able to some extent duplicate tasks by following the document outline it would form the basis for an excellent review.

Think about this how many knife companies would put their knives in the hand of 10 reviewers, who independent of each other, come to the same conclusion good or bad?

Jan Carter said:

The pass around review really does sound interesting.  Would everyone repeat the same tests?

I'm pretty sure we would need to do the same test. While it may be boring to read, it will be interesting to see each individuals' reactions to the same test. Again, we can limit subjectivity if most or all of the testers come to the same conclusion. Though if we get a mixed bag of opinions, well, that's also good. We can only interpret the results once we get some results.
Great Pat, cant wait.  I like your review style

While we have been virtually overrun by the mountain of requests for knife reviews, I have finally settled on two that I am working on and one I am waiting for and hope to have next week.

The first is the Kershaw Crown II which is a smaller version of the Kershaw Crown. It is a lockback and was recommended by one member. I received it during the week.

The second review is of an Eagle Eye knife. A folder with some promise also recommended by a member. I don't have that in hand but expect to by next week. I probably will not do a lot of testing per se, but just try to get a good feel for the knife as a collector and user of the knives in question. Comments will be welcome upon publishing.


Great, looking forward to it

Well still excited about my Queen knife and still using it everyday on whatever I can think of. I think up next is a $10,00 knife. that's right a Colonial Quick Flip. Got it today and its a blast most fun you can have legally for $10 if you can find them!

Well posted the photos but I won't do the review on that one. Looking for a mid priced fixed blade and that will be my next review!

My next one will be a low end Boker Fixed Blade. Hope to have it in hand next week maybe! Can't wait!

Ok next review is on a knife I am working with right now. its a Custom and the maker is none other than Alexander Noot! Look for it in about a month and a half!

I'm nervous and curious at the same time! LOL


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