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Has anyone used D2....specifically, Queen's D2?

How do you like it?

Is it as hard to sharpen as some say?

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I Think it's GREAT schtuff. Holds an edge .. and then some !!!

Hard to sharpen .. relative to what ??? I don't know your method of sharpening. I didn't find it so .. but .. been doing it a while. 

I've their splitback Whittler (# 48), Teardrop (# 06L), and the Mini Folding Hunter (# 41L) w/ D2 blades ............................................................................................ can't say enough about them !!!

Rumor has it .. the "PH" of the PH-D2 stamp is for Peters' Heat Treating

Again .................................................................... love the steel & what Queen has done with it !!!

I've never had trouble sharpening anything. So I'll be anxious to try it sometime!

"They" say it's hard to sharpen...."they" being those, on other various forums.

It's hardened to something over 60 on the C scale .. diamond sharpeners are a worthwhile investment .. especially if one's abused the edge. I finish mine on fine grit hard arkansas. 

"Improving" the factory edge was time consuming. After tightening the essential angles .. touch-up is a breeze. 

One thing I like when sharpening .. doesn't roll over a burr .. as w/ softer steel. 

I've also heard that D2 doesn't get quite as razor sharp as other carbon steels. Is that true?

imo .... it just takes a bit more time on the stone.

@ 60~62 Rc .. it'll take & hold quite the edge. I sharpen free hand ..'n pay more attn to the angle & apply much less pressure @ the end of the sharpening process. It's hard schtuff & I've come to appreciate diamond sharpening tools. At the same time .. I've achieved the keenest cutting edge by polishing to a mirror like finish on a fine grit HARD arkansas. 

All of which takes some time. Re: Your original quest .. "Is it as hard to sharpen as some say?" I'd say .. not any more difficult .. probably more time consuming .. less so if one invests in some diamond sharpening tools. Remember .. the abrasive needs to be harder than the substrate .. 'n Queen's D2 averages 61 Rc .. which is pretty hard. Diamonds are harder.

Well, I got my Queen in D2. I ain't gonna sharpen it. LOL!

Craig, the biggest problem with Queens D2 pocket knives that I have found is the edge angle bevel. Once you get the bevel at a better angle the blade will sharpen alot easier, from then on. To get the bevel correct is what's gonna take some of your time. D ale mentioned diamonds, that will make it easier and a clean India oil stone will help also. I free hand sharpen and after years of sharpening mine and friends knives, I find the bevel of the edge can make all the difference in the world on how easy a knife is to sharpen. Queens factory edge bevel is wrong, thats why they start out hard to sharpen.

Thanks for all the advice guys!!

I noticed that Robert! I could tell if I WAS going to use it, and I might use one of their D2 knives in the future, it would take a bit of time to get the edge to a lower angle. But I like sharpening so no big deal to me. I also have the diamond stones for my Lansky, besides having a set of DMT sharpeners. I use the Lansky OR do it free hand on my DMTs depending on my mood. I usually polish the edge on a Case ceramic stick or my Spyderco super fine ceramic bench stone.

Spyderco Tri-Angle sharpmaker. Is all I ever use on my D2 blades, it takes a little time to make edge geometry corrections but it gets it done uniformly every time.

I haven't used Queen's D2 but D2 like any other is only hard to sharpen if the Rockwell hardness is extreme. As long as you have a good Norton stone you should be able to sharpen most everything. D2 is known for holding it's edge longer than normal carbon steels. D2 has almost enough Chromium to be considered stainless. I have wanted to try Queen's D2 to see how it holds an edge and sharpens. D2 is my favorite steel.

Well getting ready to sharpen my D2 Steel Queen knife. It really holds an edge. I have some new glass stones that I want to try. I will probably practice on some other knives but am anxious to try the D2 with the glass stones. As soon as I get there I will post some pics. I wonder if anyone else has sharpened D2 on glass stones?

well so farbthe D2  Queen is holding up well.. I cannot beleive the toughness of the blade.


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