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Jigged Buffalo Horn

Worm Groove Moss Brown

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Thanks fellas.  And Craig ... extra thanks for educating this seahorse collecting novice!  I had heard the term "as ground" before ... just hadn't seen one.  I guess they do not mark the box sticker to indicate this.  For some reason it didn't click when I looked at the blades.  I was just so fixated on .... how no one could notice it during assembly!  As I said ... I do like the look.  Personally, I favor non-polished blades on any knife.  Polished and super mirror polished blades just tend to get spider web scratches and swirls just by looking at them!

Dennis, I personally loved the look of the ground blade.

You're not alone Billy!!!

Billy Oneale said:

Dennis, I personally loved the look of the ground blade.

I only wish they would have offered the black G10 with satin finish bolsters too.

Your welcome Dennis, glad I could be some help. 

Over on the Case Forum the opinion is kinda mixed on the "As Ground" blades, with some liking them and some that don't. But I'd say generally they are liked for an occasional series at least. 


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