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The Case SodBuster. A true classic! Is there ANYONE that doesn't have one? LOL! 

A SodBuster Jr. was my very first Case knife, and I LOVED it. So of course I have a VERY special place in my heart for the Case SodBuster.  

I recently bought a SodBuster Jr. with the intention of carrying it. And I did for about one week. Then I decided to put it on a shrine and not carry it in remembrance to my first Case.  I sit and meditate and have special quality time with it everyday.

THIS is the Official International Case SodBuster Discussion. Post your pictures here of Case SodBusters, and don't be afraid to show your emotions and love for the Case SodBusters.  

Here's my NEW beloved Case SodBuster Jr.

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New Sod Buster Jr.!

Pocket Worn Chestnut with Horseshoe shield

Nice, love the new shield

Thanks Jan! That's a SHC exclusive.

Not typically a sod buster guy, but on my recent trip to Smokey Mountain Knife Works this little fella nearly jumped out of the glass case and fell into my pocket!  This is the new crimson peach seed jigged handle and let me tell you folks, the color on this one is just to die for!  Case, y'all nailed it on this one! ! !


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