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Hello everyone. I have always loved knives, my papaw taught me to always have a knife with you wherever you go. I was trying to find a forum to help identify the “monetary” value of some of the knives I have collected over the years. A lot are priceless to me personally, just because they were my family’s or have a special memory. I am going to try post pics of a Case xx 53047. It’s in nice condition, definitely used but still looking good. If anyone can please give me an idea of how much it’s worth, I’d greatly appreciate y’all’s help.

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Welcome Edie. First off your best bet for prices of knives is an ebay search, followed by a lot of scrolling. You can find out what a certain knife may have sold for in the past, (in the real world), by scrolling down on search results and looking on the left side of the link for "completed items" way down on the bottom; that tells you what a similar knife has actually sold for, (marked in green, if it's red it didn't sell.). Remember, beware of the BIN or "buy it now" listings because they usually ARE NOT an accurate guide to a knife's value, it's just what the seller wants for it and thinks it is worth, (which is often inaccurate, especially from pawn shop sellers), that is why to get a real idea of value is to look for the price they actually sold for. Many of us here would be happy to give their opinions on value, but we can be wrong too, (often in my case, unless it concerns Buck Knives which is my collecting focus). First thing would be to post photos of the complete knife, both sides with closeups of the blades and handles, then we will know what we are working with.

Again, welcome to IKC, and have a great holiday season.


Syd is correct, if you ask me a real time value, I am going to start at EBay and then Bruce Voyles site



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