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I like having good solid tactical knife for work EDC at the moment that being a SOG Trident tiger strip combo edge and a SOG mini Trident plan edge.But after I get home from work get the grease and dirt out from under my finger nails I really enjoy having a selection of hand crafted gentlemen's folding knives such as MCUSTA MCU14D MCUSTA DAMASCUS or MOKI MK610ED LOCKBACK MOP GOLD SHELL HANDLE VG10 FOLDING KNIFE and #340S Mini Russell  Lock Blade just to name a few.So do you have a work and non work group of EDC's or just one group?


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Just one group. Spyderco Tenacious and Victorinox Climber 2. Been using those two for close to a year now.

Absolutely .. I use every reason available to squeeze the largest # of knives possible into my daily routine.

Kinda like my "Sunday go ta meetin knife" .. just another sub-category under "EDC".

At work it's either my SAK Super Tinker or my Leatherman Supertool ,  the rest of the time

I rotate thru the collection , usually a Leatherman or bigger SAK in a belt sheath then a single

blade folder in my pocket . And as mentioned earlier  I have a "church knife" collection that's

made up of mostly Case knives and "semi safe queens". I have to have a knife on me always .

Lately after work has been my Skeletool in pocket & SAK Fieldmaster in belt sheath.


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