I want everyone to tell me their thoughts and add pics of their edc and what is the line for too much to be considered edc

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Different for me than others Wendell.  Anything over 4 inches may be an EDC at the house or in my pocketbook but for the pocket itself usually nothing over 3.25.  A lot of folks that find a 4 inch knife cool when a guy pulls it out of his pocket, dont feel the same about it if I pull it out of mine LOL

I was once at a Case show, had a Lannys Clip in my back pocket and people actually backed up when I took it out.  DUH!  They said show us your Case!

cool jan but tell me more not just the knife

the rest of your edc

complete edc not just knife

My everyday carry is a Case single bladed trapper with liner-lock and pocket clip.  I have two so one will be in my down and dirty jeans and my other for dress up.  I am in Colorado right now so I have my Leatherman WAVE and my Moore Maker double bladed XL trapper in the belt open sheath.

I carry the Case trappers because they are easy to get out and to work quicker than a pocket knife deep in my pocket.  Just a tool and not a tool/weapon.  Being a retired cop I carry death and destruction where ever I go.

The WAVE is the best thought through multi-tool Leatherman makes.  For being in the woods backpacking and camping the WAVE is the one to have.  The XL Moore Maker trapper is just a beast of a folding knife.  I carry the Moore Maker for specialty use such as cleaning larger game.  The WAVE can be used to clean larger game but the XL Moore Maker works better.


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