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Here's a few of my fixed blade knives...OSU!!!(KARATE EXPRESSION)

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The only fixed blade that I have is the one in the picture for the Fixed Blade Group. Its a Wilson Tactical hunting knife.

I am not sure what kind of steel it is, but it holds an edge really well when skinning and dressing game. I only carry it when hunting, so it never gets used much.

I would have to say that its my most expensive knife and probably my first quality one. I think I bought it when I was 14 or 15 and Im 19 now.
i like the medium to big fixed blades like my rc4 and my scrapyard SOD
I think these images will be my answer. :D

(RTAK - I lost mine, don't ask... - and Ranger not mine, that and I don't like the CSK I all that much...)

All time favorite...

BTW that REKAT Hobbit is awesome!!!
I think my Sog's and my Ka-bar are my favorite production knives. I'm also a fan of my handmade Kukri (with a 14" blade) and my handmade pattern-welded...Well the thing is like a wierd bastard love-child between a Filipino bolo and a Saxton seax. It has an "L" shaped handle with an 18" blade.
A favorite of mine but, I plan on getting the RAVEN WSK...I think that one will be better!

In looking at it as in the collectors point of view, I prefer the old knives from years ago, like Bob Loveless and Randall knives. The method that they used is superb to knives you see today. Looking back in one of my Blade Magazines I noticed one of Bob Loveless knives sold for $250.000 at one of the shows. When I started collecting knives I could not afford one of the knives made by these makers.

I would love to own a few of the Loveless knives. I really like the integral designs. However, they are just really expensive these days. I saw a huge subhilt fighter from loveless that was going for like 20,000! Most Bob Loveless knives, that I've seen, go for the 2000+ range, 1000 if I'm lucky. Maybe in the future I'll be able to own a couple of the classics for use and such.

Interesting fact, RWL-34 was a steel design for Loveless. RWL is his initials. Robert Waldorf (R.W.) Loveless.
I have to send my camera to school ... man, you guys really compliment those fine knives with great photos! I've got to practice a lot more. Maybe a tripod would help?
Spyderco Kumo, Benchmade Snody Juju, CRKT Corkum... Those are my favorite production fixed blades.
For me the khukuri is my all time fav knife. I just love them.


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