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Hope to get out this week-end. We had one week-end this winter when the ice was thick enough to fish. Now the weather is warm enough and the ice is gone but I'm not skilled enough to cast from shore in gale force winds.

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Around here some people fish year round.  Ice fishing is non existent here, no ice!  The method of fishing changes with the seasons.  For instance in the spring shallow water fishing.  In the summer as the water warms up, the fish tend to go deeper where the water is cooler.


Water is moving too fast right now in our area.  A little higher up, like Helen GA, they are saying the bite is on!

The last week of March means trout in the state of Georgia.

Early spring is when trout raised in Georgia hatcheries get stocked in state waters.

“All trout waters in Georgia are now open to fishing year round, and to sweeten that news, stocking efforts are ready to begin to make your trip even more rewarding,” says John Lee Thomson, trout stocking coordinator for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division (WRD). “One of the best opportunities for fishing success will be this spring when stream flows are high and the water is cool.”

I would guess there are about 8 days here where there is no fishing going on. Just as the lake is starting to freeze, and when it thaws. Some die hard fisherfolk up here.

We had about 4 days worth of fishable ice in my area. What is worse is the wind has been horrible; at least on days when I could have gone fishing. Haven't had a chance to go in weeks. Hopefully things will turn around soon. At this rate, I'll need to get a new license before I can fish again! My live bait probably has another week or two before it is dead bait. LOL

I have been lake fishing a couple times in the last couple weeks with no success as of yet. The rivers and streams don't open here until the last Saturday in April. I hope to go to northern Ca. to fish the Hat creek area for the opener and hope to catch some trout then. I will report back.


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