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I searched and couldn't find a Discussion thread for these, so here it is.  I'm a huge fan of the #48 pattern in Case....which is the slimline trapper.  I found out that the GEC pattern #48 is pretty much the slimline trapper as well...So, I finally got my first GEC #48 about a month ago and WOW....it's a really fine piece and I'm glad I got it. 

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Well that certainly is a nice first one to grab with SFO Diamond Shield. This pattern is growing on me as well. Nice size. Would like to find one of those Blueberry ones.

That's a beauty Andy and a very fine example of Great Eastern craftsmanship. I love their knives and am always on the look out to add them to my collection. Here's my first Weasel that I got at the GE factory a few months ago.

Thanks Time.  Bryon that is some very sweet looking stag.  That blade couldn't be much more centered either. 

GEC builds a great knife and some of the patterns go unnoticed because so many people refer to them by name rather than by pattern number.

I am glad you discovered this pattern Andy.  The 48 is one of the few trapper patterns I can greatly appreciate.  Just the feel of this one in your hand is enough to have you looking for the next one

I meant for my pictures to show up in this thread, but they show as attached files. Am I missing a way to upload pics? Not a big deal, just wondering...

Also, I'd like to ask Bill Howard if the Weasel pattern got the #48 pattern by complete coincidence?

Love the Great Eastern Knives and I can tell you that I'm a huge fan of W.R. Case & Sons knives, but the quality of GE is excellent as well as above and beyond most Case knives rolling out of the factory.

The pics are easy Bryon.  Look at the box you type in, the second icon on the left will add them as pics :)

I guess I'm technologically challenged. I'm using an iPad...I don't see any icons to add pics. Only buttons to 'choose file" to upload.
Ah, I've never been able to properly load a pic with my phone or iPad. I wait till I'm on a pc.

ok, there in lies the issue and first let me apologize.  Our provider is not always i product friendly, much to my dislike.  I do know that there is a product called puffin.  It is 99 cents for 6 months but on I Products it allows you to add pics.  I have been told it is the closest to a "desktop" capability that has been found for us

Wow. Nice group.

That's some nice Stag John.

Been wanting to try this pattern with a single blade. I saw this knife in smooth white bone with a clip blade. SFO for Lone Star Knives. One finally surfaced. Well worth the wait. Pinchable blade to open as well. Just a great size.

Thanks John, and I appreciate you sharing your wonderful collection of 48's with us.


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