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Can anyone tell me an average price that a ebony wood 77Washington Jack should go far on the secondary market.

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Which of the 3 models are you asking about....clip blade, spear and pen, spear and punch?

Mine is the Northfield with the spear and pen with Gabon ebony covers.

GEC made 63 Washington Jacks with the spear blade in Ebony. Lately Washington Jacks have been bringing close to $200 on Ebay, regardless of the covers. However, ebony usually brings less than bone and spear blades bring less than clips. I picked up a WJ at the Oregon Knife Show for $150. If you are asking a fixed price at private sale, I would think around $160....Ebay depends a lot on when and how you list it. Between Ebay and Paypal, figure on paying about 15% in fees. To put $160 in your pocket, it needs to sell for $190. This is just my opinion...you never know what can happen on Ebay....or any auction for that matter.


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