Hi, my name is Craig, and I'm a meat eater! Yes it's true, I love meat. 

Do you have a favorite meat? Or do you just love all meat? OR, a favorite way to cook meat? 

I'd say I love all kinds of meat, and my mood decides on what I want at any given time. But, if some one told me I could eat only one kind of meat, I think, I'd have to pick Pork. Pork roast, pulled Pork, Pork BBQ, Ham......there's so many basic ways to eat it.

What one meat would you pick if you could only eat one kind? 

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You mean other than pork.......hmmmmmmmmmmm?

Sorry, Hog!  But I would have to say beef.

Although I love fall off the bone tender BBQ baby back ribs!!

My favorite meat is the one that's on the end of my fork and headed for the ol' pie hole.

A big fat Rib Eye steak, sizzlin' on the Bar-B-Que, would be right at the top of my list.

But, hey! I'm not picky. I'll settle for a Double Quarterpounder with cheese from Mickey D's if push comes to shove. Ya know! 

I'm a MEAT EATER! And there ain't no shame to my game!

I remember seeing a bumper sticker once that, at the time, absolutely cracked me up!

It read: "If God didn't want you to eat animals, why'd he make 'em out of meat?"

Ya know!

"If God didn't want you to eat animals, why'd he make 'em out of meat?"

ROFL! I remember seeing that somewhere! I love it!

There's two kinds of meat, raw and cooked....Naw..lol   Domesticated and Wild, within the two categories we must add fowl and little critters like rabbits and squirrels. And, what about Turtle? {My all time favorite} Yes I eat meat, all kinds of meat, to pick one is hard for me because each has it's own wonderful taste.

I agree Robert, BUT, what if you could only eat one kind?

Rare Prime Rib

Ok so where was I? ok ...........pork right!..... hmmm what was the question?


Steve, we eat our fair share of pork and it is great but I have to go with the things that are hard to get and money can't buy, almost. My favorite wild game is Squirrel, Sac au Lait {Crappie fish} and turtle. If I had to pick one it would be Snapping Turtle. My domesticated meat favorite would have to be Pork.

Well now I will admit a good fried squirrel is hard to pass up. Well fish of choice is a little different here, of course fried catfish is always a favorite and fried suckers are good too.


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