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Tobias suggested that someone should start a discussion on 5 inch lockback hunters.  Since no one else has, I will.  But since I have two folding hunters and only one of them is a lockback, I will open it up to all 5 inch folding hunters.

Here is my first.  It is a Rough Rider Once In A Blue Moon 5 inch lockback with one blade.

My other one is a Rough Rider Rifleman Series folding hunter.  It is two blades and is not a lockback.

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blue moon... (song running thru my head) lol   love that blue handle...  couple of nice ones charles !

two excellent. examples Charles!

And here is one of my all time favorites , My Uncle Henry Schrade LB7:

And yes, that is Buffalo Horn!

nice.. like the jigging too. i lost one just like that one only different handles... nice one steve..  i am looking for my camera ! my wife used at daughters wedding and it is misplaced somewhere... argh.. i will put a couple up in a bit.

It is a nice knife Jeff thank you. Jigging is unique for sure. Hope you track down your camera would love to see the versions you have!

unfortanately, i no longer have the Schrade tho,I do hace a few hunters and a couple of hunters with no lock. the scharade actually { to me } felt better than the buck 110. the buck does feel very nice in hand tho. i bought a kershaw rake the other day that feels nice, but time will tell about blade technology,[ the steels that are used... in the way that they are used].alresdy had this picture.. will take mare when able. love the buffalo btw.kershaw rake.. special blade.

That is nice Jeff and if I remember its Sandvik composite and D2 on the outer edge. We know it locks so I would say a good user.

yes, i dont know if this was the right place for that knife, but it is a lockback, hunter style folder,and I had a picture of it on hand.;) It is 4.6 " closed, 8" open. it is a liner lock, not thumb lock which is more of a traditional 5" hunter style. no bolster, but the handle does seem very durable with the g-10 handles. and you have the steel components correct. if  they dont rust or corrode at seam, I believe it will be pretty durable.

I love that schrade of  yours tho.. those handles are beautiful. and the traditioal brass bolsters and swept clip blade are a great combo.  nice steve.
Steve Hanner said:

That is nice Jeff and if I remember its Sandvik composite and D2 on the outer edge. We know it locks so I would say a good user.

Love it Brian! Yep that counts !

nice boker brian.


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