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Heres are some photo collages of before and after pictures of my recent clean up of a WWII era Klein electricians knife.  A coworker gifted this to me upon his retirement.  He says it was either his Grandfathers or Fathers....couldn't quite remember.  I just cleaned it up with sandpaper starting with 400 grit and working into 2,500 grit.  Polished it a little with some Flitz and then a coat of renwax.  I didn't want to go much farther with it because I wanted it to show it's history.  I really enjoyed this project, I could almost feel it come to life in my hands as I was working on it.  I've got a bail on the way from a friend down south.

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!!! .. Nice job, Andy .. !!!


Nice pics too.

It is good to see a tired but still sturdy old workhorse rejuvenated and ready to go again!

Nice, Ilike it!

Thanks guys.  I'll get a picture up after I get the bail in.

Good job, Andy.

Thanks JJ!

Awesome job!

Good job!

Thanks Scott and Max. 


Thanks Bryan!

Bryan W said:



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